Axisweb Award Winner: Romily Alice Walden

Romily Alice Walden, Utopias (IRL//URL), 2017

Published: 03 August 2018

We are pleased to announce that Romily Alice Walden is the winner of Round 05 of the Axisweb Artist Award. Romily will receive £1,000 plus additional support from Axisweb.

Romily has been selected from hundreds of applicants to have a solo exhibition at SOHO20 Gallery New York's +/- Project Space in February 2019. Romily will be creating an interactive installation that speaks to her experience of living with a chronic disability that renders her mostly housebound. She will use the award to help fabricate the work for the exhibition.

As the recipient of the Axisweb Artist Award, Romily commented:

I'm thrilled to have been chosen to receive the Axisweb Artist Award to support a new series of work: 'My Body Is The House That I Live In.' This project centres around experiences of living with disability, disease and chronic illness; experiences which are hugely under and un-represented within normative Euro-North American culture. Because of this, it feels all the more wonderful to have this work be selected and supported by the Axisweb team. The award will allow me to produce the piece itself, as well as provide the project with a platform to help it reach a wider audience. Thank you Axisweb!

On Romily’s exhibition proposal, SOHO20 commented:

SOHO20's review team were impressed by Romily Alice Walden’s multi-faceted exploration of disability and access through a simple, direct gesture. Her ability to capture the visibility and absence of disabled bodies is visually and conceptually striking while retaining a palpable intimacy. The project’s nuanced activation through light and time is precisely the type of work that the +/- Project Space was created to support.

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