Axisweb Hardship Fund 

The Axisweb Hardship Fund - supporting our members 

In light of the uncertainty artists face due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have introduced a fund to help our members facing significant financial hardship and who are unable to work, disabled, a carer, on low income or freelance.

What is the Axisweb Hardship Fund?

The Hardship Fund is our way to provide some relief from the financial hardship for artists affected by the impact of the Coronavirus. For example many artists won’t have access to Statutory Sick Pay.


As a small charity with limited resources we can only make this available to Axisweb Members.

Any member facing financial hardship is eligible to apply. We won’t ask you to explain why, but ask that you only apply if you need money.

This is for members that are facing significant financial hardship and who are unable to work, disabled, a carer, on low income or freelance.

How much is available?

As a small independent charity that does not receive public funding, we have initially made available a total fund of £5,000. Each week for five weeks we will distribute 10 x £100 awards.

How to apply

Eligible members can enter by submitting their details using our online form below.

We won’t ask you to explain why you need the money, but please only apply if you need it.


How will a decision be made?

We anticipate that applications for support will be high, as such we don’t feel it would be fair for us to pass judgment on who needs help more.Decisions will be made on a lottery basis. And those members whose names are randomly selected will be contacted.

We will aim to respond to all applicants, successful or not. 

How we make a payment

We will only accept an instruction to make a payment to the successful member. This will be paid directly into your bank/building society account by bank transfer.

Donate to our Hardship Fund

Several members have been in touch to ask whether it’s possible to donate to the Hardship Fund to help us support more members of our artistic community. We are so touched by this generosity and wanted to create a GoFundme page to help facilitate this and to match the £5,000 we've already committed. All  donations will be added to our Hardship Fund, with every penny going to artists in need.

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Extra support for our members

We are looking at different ways we can support our members, both financially and through resources and advice. If you have any suggestions, please let us know by completing this form. For a list of resources we've collected so far please go here.