Location: West Wharf Gallery, Jacob's Market, Cardiff

I will be showing a selection of new paintings for ONE NIGHT ONLY at this multimedia event in Cardiff.

'The screams are in the silence between the mutterings. They are in the action of scratching away at the corners of your conditioning. The mutters are the utterances of expression that the illusion of clarity permits. The mutterscream is all you are. Welcome.'

Exhibition of performance, photography, sculpture, painting and more featuring- Ellie Walker, Camilla Mason, Tyr Leach Martin, Fran Gonzalez Camacho, Alex Colley, Petros Kourtellaris, Matt Kirby, Amy Perry, Zena Blackwell, Charly Morgan-Ivey, Alice Bradley, Marta Junquera, The Gareth Jarvis Collodion Machine and more to be confirmed. Music by Little Gee, Sean Addicott, Aperol Xav, Andy Warpole and Obey Cobra.

The Mutterscream will be coming around again in May. This one will surpass the wonderferralness of the last so come and be a part of it and dip your fingers into the evening's dark and honeyed mucus.

There will be an entrance fee of around £2 to cover costs. NO photography or filming will be allowed by anyone other than those permitted to do so.

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