A brand new market bell produced as part of Yokes solo exhibition 'We Can Only See Today' at Ty Pawb, Wrexham.

Bells are important markers of change. Long connected to religious ritual, commemorating important events, calling people together and conveying information. It is believed that the history of bells first began in ancient China in 200 BC, with their use being spread across the world through religions such as Buddhism, Hindu, Shino, and even the Ancient Egyptian religion of sun gods.

As Christianity spread through communities in the UK so did the use of bells. Bells were adopted into daily life and have been used in a variety of non-religious situations. Great Britain even has the nickname of "The Ringing Isle" because of its many bells. They have been used in markets to signify the start and end of trade for over 100 years including Wrexham's Beast Market that still houses a bell to this day.

For 'We Can Only See Today' we designed a bronze bell that, like other artworks in the exhibition, became a permanent feature in the Ty Pawb building after the exhibition closed.

The bell's surface design depicts change, the passage of time and the repetitive nature that history can take. Following the motifs around the bell you end up where you started but time has passes and some things have changed.

The bell's physicality as a bronze cast object depicts stability. It could remain in the same state for thousands of years still ringing out when struck. Reassuring us that as some things change quickly, other things will remain as was for entire lifetimes.

As we adopt the new it becomes embedded in our own traditions, a reminder that our traditions are amalgamations of other people's traditions from across the globe.

We wanted to create a work for Ty Pawb that will exist to celebrate the old and the new.

Bell designed by Yoke.
Cast and documentation by David Snoo Wilson of Ore & Ingot.