Conduit is a sculpture composed of five standing elements. It is situated some 100 metres across the parkland from Continuum, a sculptural seat. Both pieces reflect and transform the theme of the other, and should be considered together. These pieces are inspired by thoughts on continuity, layerings and accumulations, and aspiration in nature.

Conduit suggests a series of stages, or layers - markers in space and time. The repeated forms refer back and forth, creating a subtly changing line. Seen from one end, Conduit directs our line of vision through and across to Continuum.

Continuum reflects the same completed form of Conduit in its central element. The vertical elements which rise from the flanks of Continuum progressively develop towards it’s centre. The work again suggests gradual development or transition, stages or layers, a coming together to create a union, and from that something new.

The wrapped leaves carved into the works celebrate five native trees: Common Oak, Hawthorn, Goat Willow, Alder and Scots Pine.