The proposal for my visit to Stiwdio Maelor was to explore the concept of the ‘Sublime’, this a progression from my previous work engaging with historic parklands that were constructed on the ‘picturesque’ ideal.
I decided to try recording my experience of visiting Cadair Idris primarily using a micro-SD movie camera attached to a kite.  This was a decision made in direct opposition to the current trend of drone cameras, that apply an orderly surveillance and a machismo conquering though technology. My approach instead, was an attempt to fall in with the sublime of visiting 19th Century Romanticists: a submission to the elements, a traversing of difficult terrain; a desire to experience the un-measurable. It is a well known legend that to spend the night on the top of Cadair Idris will result in death, madness, or becoming a poet. The drone camera will not allow for any such possibility. 
I also wish to rework the sublime in a different sense, as within contemporary art practice it is understood to have become as overused as the picturesque. By using a lo-tech camera that can only export small frames, I am attempting to challenge grand scale painting and film with a more personal  and humorous approach.