Approved: 15.08.2015

Vasilis Avramidis


Approved: 15.08.2015

My latest work consists of two projects / series. “Caretakers” which started in 2012, “Resort Archaeology” which started in 2013, and I am now working on a new series titled “Outskirts”.

Resort Archaeology (2013-14):

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  • Location: London
  • Artforms: Painting
  • Tags: landscape, human, architecture, oil, painting, memory, vanitas, dark, london, building, time, ruin

Artist Statement

My latest work consists of two projects / series. “Caretakers” which started in 2012, “Resort Archaeology” which started in 2013, and I am now working on a new series titled “Outskirts”.

Resort Archaeology (2013-14):

A world of oil paintings depicting uncanny private worlds, idealized images from the past and decadent earthly paradises. Where ‘place’ is usually established by the presence of humanity, these paintings are marked by human absence. Instead, these ‘resorts’ feature architectural fragments in disrepair rooted in the infinity of overgrown diachronic landscapes. This imagery of ‘non-place’ contemplate ideas of humanity, loss and time. Conceptually and literally the works are located between a vanitas concept, echoing the human effort to reason with the finitude and mortalisation of time. 

Caretakers (2012):

A series of oil paintings depicting a set of self-invented locations and scenarios that shift the sense of scale within the traditions of landscape and still life.

Within the setting of these captured vistas I typically paint an arrangement of symbolic motifs, rendered in a way to be suggestive of neglect. These depicted scenes and objects are overgrown with moss and ivy, alluding to an overriding sense of decay that the paintings’ inhabitants desire to control and maintain. These characters are gardeners, keepers of sites, land and buildings. They are the caretakers.

The paintings express a repetition of varying hues of green, a reference to the duality between sickness and growth and how the land eventually reclaims everything that sits upon it. Objects being imbued with foliage confirm these concepts of the ongoing and endless conflict between the forces of destruction and the forces of philosophical cultivation. This force of nature against man-made structures and ideologies not only conveys a relentless struggle but also comments on the history of art and architecture being overwritten and unearthed with the passing of time.

I draw inspiration from gardens that are both real and imaginary, my references vary from the far away reality of Gilgamesh’s Garden of the Gods to the Gothic Highgate Cemetery. The paintings’ subject matter, their very conception and the marks they bear of human care and cultivation refer to how gardens stand as restorative, nourishing and necessary havens. In many ways the paintings pictorial space conveys a wide-ranging examination of how gardens evoke the human condition.

The growth of the garden camouflages the structure of the objects and subject matter within the paintings and serve as a check against the destruction and loss of history. My paintings investigate the ways in which the concept and reality of the garden has informed human thinking about mortality, order, and power."

CV & Education

Vasilis Avramidis was born in 1981


2011 MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins, London
2004 BA Fine Art at Aristotle University, Thessaloniki


2014 Resort Archaeology, The Contemporary London, at London Art Fair
2012 Caretakers, Jacob's Island gallery, London
2009 Tsatsis Projects, Thessaloniki
2007 Tsatsis Projects, Thessaloniki


Collection of small paintings, The Contemporary London at Space W10, LondonArt Athina 2015 (Tsatsis Projects), Athens

Saatchi's New Sensations and THE FUTURE CAN WAIT, B1 Victoria House, London
The Contemporary London at Space W10, London
The Winter Garden, James Freeman gallery, London
The Last Man, James Freeman gallery (curated by The Art Circus), London
Archaeologies, The Contemporary London and Griffin gallery, London
Fundamentet, Oxholm gallery, Copenhagen
Collateral Drawing, organized by Lubomirov-Easton London, Beton7, Athens
Art Athina 2014 (Tsatsis Projects), Athens

London Art Fair (Jacob's Island - A.L.I.S.N.), London
Paradise Lost, Art Athina, Athens
Art Athina 2013 (Tsatsis Projects), Athens

Per Annum: 12, The Contemporary London, London
London Art Fair (Opus Fine Art), London

Salon Art Prize, Matt Roberts Arts, London
The Contemporary London pop up, London
Fresh Cream, Opus Fine Art, Newcastle upon Tyne
Recent Graduates 2011, AAF Battersea, London
MA Fine Art Degree Show, Central Saint Martins, London
Liaoning Industry Museum, Shenyang
From Charring to Kings, Agnes B Covent Garden, London
The New Pretenders, Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, London
Apocalypse gallery, Nicosia

Art Athina 2010 (Tsatsis Projects), Athens
Bridges, Ministry of Culture, Bratislava

Art Athina 2009 (Tsatsis Projects), Athens
Bridges, Fontana gallery, Piestany


University of the Arts London,
Private collections in UK, USA, Greece and Japan


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