Approved: 09.03.2014

valerie zwart

Curator, Editor, Project manager, Writer

Approved: 09.03.2014
  • Location: leeds, Yorkshire
  • Artforms: Drawing, Painting
  • Tags: glitch art, landscape, videogame, videogame aesthetics, videogame art, painting, flowers, leeds, oil painting, still life

Artist Statement

My current work melds videogame aesthetics and traditional landscape strategies in paintings that by turns conflate and contrast digital and painterly representations.

Starting from the notion of environments as puzzles, I adopt the design strategies of videogame environments to present topologies of nodes and pathways that point to potentials of promise, threat or refuge. While constructed like a typical videogame environments – low-contrast vistas that lend themselves to quick reconnaissance – the paintings retain a suggestively haunting atmosphere.

I have a long-standing interest in the subjective experience of landscapes and in this series I am considering challenges to subjectivity in the form of ‘flow entropies’, or perceptual incoherencies in a digital environment. In gaming, flow entropies are technical glitches resulting in visual aberrations like visible tiling, digital artefacts, texture mapping (noticeable repetition) or improbable or partial rendering of figures (for example, I’m working on a painting of someone walking out of a wall). The analogue techniques that I’m constructing to represent digital artefacts include tiled images, ‘paint-pixels’ and noticeably collaged image elements.

Information about the curatorial, writing and art project management, as well as a full CV is available via my website.


CV & Education


1986-90 University of Toronto

1992-6 Ontario College of Art and Design


Group Exhibitions:

2013                      Bridges 2013 (international); Saxion Applied University (Enschede, NL)

2012                      Dreamscapes: Mixed Up (international); TETEM artspace (Enschede, NL)

2012                      Nouveau Niche (The Artery Show); zw/artprojects artspace (Enschede, NL)

2012                      Chromophobia; zw/artprojects artspace (Enschede, NL)

2012                      Fresh Art to Go; TETEM artspace  (Enschede, NL)

2011                      Twente Biennale (Hengelo, NL)

2011                      Multi-solo; TETEM artspace  (Enschede, NL)

2011                      BloemenCorso; Artsite Gallery (Haarlem, NL)

2010                      Eye Level; zw/artprojects

2009                      4; Artsite Gallery (Haarlem, NL)

2008                      Bik artists; KCO artspace (Zwolle, NL)

2007                      Bezembinder’s Illustrated Weblog; Zoete Broodjes Gallery (Amsterdam, NL)

2005                      Gallery artists; Canvas Gallery (Toronto, CA)

2005                      Behind the Scenes; Citymuseum Doetinchem (Doetinchem, NL)

2005                      Light; Sigarenfabriek Gallery (Delft, NL)

2003-4                  The Net of Place; PBK Galerie (Enschede, NL) & Galerie Fischladen

                             (Gronau, DE)

2003                      Horizon 9; Sofitel Hotel des Arts (Melbourne, Aust)


Solo Exhibitions:

2012                      Re-ciphering: The Voynich Manuscript; zw/artprojects artspace (Enschede, NL)

2010                      Fluid Fascinations; Qua Art Qua Science Foundation (Enschede, NL)

2008                      New Work; Carion Gallery (Enschede, NL)

2009                      Flood; Hof 80 Gallery (Almelo, NL)

2007                      Urban Ikebana; Artsite Gallery (Haarlem, NL)                  

2005                      Urban Ikebana; Gibsone Jessop (Toronto, CA)

2004                      Lived Landscapes; Gibsone Jessop (Toronto, CA)

2001                      New Work; Gallery 404 (Toronto, CA)

2000                      O Mes Chemins et leur Cadence; Stadhuis Enschede (Enschede, NL)




Fundraiser, co-curator and co-producer of ‘The Artery Show’. Secured private, in-kind sponsorship and co-wrote four grant proposals; produced a video and a 12-page newspaper; liaison with top-level participants (museum and gallery directors, academics and art consultants). The project was to organise and present an exhibition and interactive events programme that examined major aspects of contemporary art collection in the Netherlands. This project was hosted by a well-regarded Dutch art space, reviewed in regional and national art journals and secured two prestigious grants.



Curator of ‘Fresh Art to Go’. Administration of a national open call for submissions, video production, all curation, funding, organisation and production tasks, as well as the creation/production of "The Living Line," a contemporary dance performance for the show’s opening reception.



Producer (including writing grant proposals) and organiser of a successful series of networking events for local creatives to share work and food.



AE Foundation co-founder, co-curator/organiser jointly producing “Horizon 9” and “The Net of Place”, two travelling exhibitions to showcase the work of East Netherlands artists. Conceived and wrote show statements and grant proposals. Travelled with and presented the work.



Marketing Director, Instructor and Board Member; Bristol Folk House (Bristol, UK)



Instructor and Board Member; Falmouth Artists Guild, (Massachusetts, USA)        



1999                     Co-winner national competition “Images 23” Royal College of Art, London, UK

1997                      Co-winner regional competition “Women Artists of Cape Cod”;

Cahoon Museum of Art (Cotuit, Ma, USA)

1997                      Co-winner regional competition “Autumn in New England”;

Cape Cod Museum of Fine Arts (Dennis, Ma, USA)