'-fall' is inspired by recent research walks and is made up of natural dyes and rain water from materials found on the walks.

Poetry by Jeremy Hooker and Philip Gross.

The work is part of the ‘Paper Exchange’ exhibition which presented the challenge: what happens if normal working materials are exchanged between Welsh and Chinese artists.

"... materials and their qualities are central to an artist’s whole practice. Whichever culture we grow up in we become carriers of long traditions which we explore and challenge. The questions raised about finding common ground between artists coming from long but differing traditions in a global, geographically shrinking world, and the potential for misunderstandings as well as mutual enrichment, has, I think, extended the dialogue which we hope is an essential part of Paper Exchange in the Open Books project.’"

The techniques take advantage of the different water qualities of oriental paper, the way ‘one touch of water, and the ink lets go - ’ allowing water to link and separate the elements of art and poetry, creating a feeling of being in suspension rather than embedded in the paper.

'Paper Exchange', BayArt, Cardiff Bay: 6 April - 3 May 2019
'Paper Exchange', Zhejiang Art Museum, Hangzhou, China: November 2019