Ursula Leach


Approved: 16.08.2006

Concepts I make prints and paintings responding to farmed landscapes.  Living in a mostly arable landscape I necessarily engage with current farming techniques as well as the natural changes that occur. The work is intended to be a document as well as an expression. Colour has become increasingly important to me as an expression of mood and atmosphere. Pictorial structure and the edge of the image offer exciting scope to explore the space and scale in a landscape of huge fields.  I have become interested in buildings on the land, structures whose uses are sometimes obscure.  Recently the work has become radically simplified and more abstract although always retaining a vestige of figuration and therefore more reliant on the colour being exactly right to elicit the response I am looking for. Processes and techniques Oil paint on canvas. Layering the paint. A lot of editing. Carborundum prints for painterly marks. Etchings with carborundum. Influences environmental, agriculture,  colour, semi-abstract

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