Nothing 'is' Immediate: Geometric Sculptural Installations.

Due to Covid-19 a number of project Exhibitions have been rescheduled to October - December 2020.

Supported by a project Grant from Arts Council England, Spencer is undertaking practice based research into the function of art by constructing a series of unique multi-sensory geometric sculptures from reclaimed wooden pallets. Each sculpture, about 90cm in diameter, incorporates therapeutic sound frequencies connected to their sacred geometry. Spencer a qualified Sound Therapist is interested in the mathematical measurements that correspond to the Golden Means and the ratios of harmonic sound.

This new body of work aims to explore the function of art, by returning to the fundamental and often overlooked five Platonic solids, referred to as the underlying geometry of creation. Spencer is interested in offering the audience a multi-sensory experience, by presenting the interior spaces as vessels that manipulate light and create visual-illusions of finite darkness, infinite reflection, colour, texture etc).

The work will be presented in 2020 at four regional galleries including: Sandham Memorial Chapel, Spudworks, Artspace Portsmouth and Chapel Arts Studios.

Spencer has invited the following artists to collaborate with the project Maija Liepins, Christine Dodd, Kate Street and Terence Noble. Accompanying events include virtual and live-performance and therapeutic sound baths.

No Thing ‘is’ Immediate is supported by public funding from the National Lottery through Arts Council England.