This installation was created as part of my participation for the ‘Unpublished Tour’ /Duddon Estuary project which I undertook in August/September 2021 . I based myself at Borwick Rails,Millom,Cumbria in a tidal creek next to an old boatyard. and spent many days creating temporary installations from cast off boatyard debris and materials from an old iron making plant.
Brick Clay Marker was constructed from dumped bricks lying strewn on the beach and an old tyre used to prop up a decaying boat..The artwork took several hours to create building a solid plinth like structure reminiscent of old Industrial age chimney skylines which was topped off by a brick filled tyre.The structure can be seen as a maquette for a much larger sculptural response proposal and I employed dry stone wall building techniques.Despite some local opposition on social media,most of the artworks remain intact to date. I talked to lots of passers by during my time there and got to explain what I was doing and generally engage as much as possible with the locals and holidaymakers. I believe this was the key to the survival and longevity of the artworks I created by building relationships throughout my residence and getting to know people.