Tim Pugh

Artist, Community worker, Gallery educator, Lecturer / academic, Maker, Researcher

Approved: 16.08.2006

I am an Environmental Artist working with a wide range of mixed media and materials that are used to create temporary installations,sculpture and drawing.I attended Wrexham and Edinbugh College Of Art ,graduating in 1989 with a degree in Ceramics. Since then I have been self-employed as a professional artist, exhibiting my work in a wide variety of galleries, museums and other venues across the UK and internationally.I work in many contrasting rural and urban locations, creating site specific sculptures which are photographically documented using a mixture of digital and medium format film processes. I exhibit large photographs of the installations, together with related drawings and other mixed media artworks.My inspiration is derived from many sources, such as aspects related to the natural world, historic and industrial locations and more recently issue based concerns linked to ecology and consumerism. I have  undertaken and participated in many art projects across Britain and abroad, participating in residency and exchange programmes often combining my own work and educational activities.I have been as artist in residence in many countries such as Australia, America and across Europe, creating sculptures and drawings, representing various galleries and host organisations and working in a diverse range of ecological habitats. I have also participated in many festivals and community programmes.

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