Approved: 07.10.2015

Theresa Bradbury

Artist, Gallery educator, Maker, Researcher, Writer

Approved: 07.10.2015

Artist Statement – Theresa Bradbury  

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    Artist Statement

    Artist Statement – Theresa Bradbury  

    My current practice is an exploration of ideas about the feminine being a social construct –  an artificial masquerade. The female as living as her own spectator, the female as always accompanied by her own image. My concerns surrounding the masquerade and performative nature of femininity and the display and objectification of the female body as commodity within Capitalist society. Utilising a live art, performance and sculptural practice to reinforce positive feminist perspectives on the female body. To subvert the prevailing tropes of femininity as prescribed through a patriarchal lens. 

    My work investigates questions relating to the body in site, alongside themes of representation and gender. With the work, I am exploring and interrogating social boundaries and acceptable codes of exposure. The appropriate/inappropriate dichotomy, particularly in relation to femininity. The idea that the female body can be acted upon and coerced by external forces must be disrupted to reframe the body as active and autonomous. If the body is a surface to be inscribed upon by cultural and societal forces, what is real? My body as alienated, as belonging to the other. Constant awareness of my body, not as it is for me, but for the other. Femininity formed through the constant surveillance of ourselves against others through the mirror image. A device used to measure yourself against. 

    My work references an anti-aesthetic, a disruption of the social and symbolic ordering of the female body, exploring a rejection of woman as idealised surface. The work questions and disrupts the idea of a proper social body and confronts the viewer with its abjection, refusing containment and allowing seepage and immersion with bodily fluids.

    The work attempts to erode the fetishishtic dominant structures of patriarchal Capitalism. By presenting the abjectness of the body, the work both solicits and repels the viewer and refuses the link to commodity culture. The construction of femininity as temporal and manipulable, an artifice. What constitutes femininity and who draws the boundaries? My work subverts the socially dictated artificial femininity represented through media imagery. Femininity which is something that must be purchased and imposed artificially upon the surface of the female and a radical acceptance of mess, fluids and flesh are part of feminist resistance.

    CV & Education

    Residencies and Experience

    2021 – Nottingham Trent University – Guest Lecturer – planning and delivering innovative and engaging sessions to fine art students attending the MFA Fine Art Programme. To demonstrate excellent interpersonal skills and have the ability to communicate ideas of a complex or technical nature to students effectively using a variety of teaching methods, have detailed knowledge of the particular subject area.

    December 2020 – Present –  - Founder and Director - ] G A Z E [ Contemporary Art Space - ] G A Z E [ provides a forthright and diverse platform for contemporary art practice. It is focused on artistic experimentation and emerging interdisciplinary practices. The gallery was founded in Shrewsbury in 2020 as a nurturer of new talent and our continued aim is to support artists’ careers and the development of their ideas. Our programme is focused on new and marginalised artists working in installation, film, sculpture and performance. 


    November 2019 - Present - Freelance Artist & Writer - working on the development and promotion of my contemporary art practice. Creating a new body of work and researching and developing new performance ideas. Exhibiting work and focusing on in-depth research in feminist theory. Writing articles for publications.

    2016 - November 2019 - Nottingham Contemporary - Learning Facilitator - devising and delivering innovative and inspiring creative sessions for families, adults, school, college and university students and community groups. Promoting collaborative working between children and adults. Communicating key ideas of the exhibitions to groups in an accessible way.

    2015 – Belle Vue Arts Festival – Project management of various community events, exhibitions and workshops. Commissioned to design and deliver creative sessions to schools, families and young people and community groups.

    2014 – 'The Big Draw' – Staffordshire – Commissioned to deliver art workshops within schools in Staffordshire on the theme 'It's Our World'.

    2013/14 - SM&AG, Shropshire - Commissioned to design, deliver and evaluate an informal education programme based on the temporary exhibitions and permanent collections for the new museum and art gallery. Managing volunteers, marketing, health and safety and risk assessments.

    2013 - Belle Vue Art Festival - Commissioned to run art workshops for children as part of the festival.

    2012 - 2013 - Coleham Primary School, Shropshire – Artist In Residence  - designing, delivering and evaluating art workshops to KS1 and KS2 children. Experience of working with SEN.

    2012 - 2013 - Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, Shropshire - 'New Curators' Project Coordinator - working with the curatorial and exhibitions teams to curate the temporary exhibitions programme at the gallery. Coordination of volunteers, minute taking, exhibition installation, liaising with artists, invigilation and visitor information and administrative duties.

    2010 - 2012 -  Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, Shropshire – Gallery Assistant - Designing, delivering and evaluating education workshops to early years, primary and secondary school children. Coordinating and planning special educational events. Accessioning the collection, invigilation and stewarding.

    2011 - St John the Baptist Primary School, Shropshire – Artist in Residence  - designed, delivered and evaluated art and dance workshops to KS1 children. Experience of working with Autistic Spectrum Disorders and challenging behaviour.

    2011 – 'Kids Create' - Belle Vue Youth Club, Shropshire – Artist-led community project designing, delivering and evaluating creative workshops to primary school children. Experience of SEN.

    2006 - 2010 - Bathampton Primary School, Somerset – Artist in Residence  - designed and delivered creative workshops to KS1 and KS2 children. Experience of SEN.

    2005 - Mount Hawke Primary School, Cornwall – Artist in Residence  - designed and delivered creative workshops to KS1 children.

    2004 - The Harley Gallery, Nottinghamshire – Education Assistant - Delivered education workshops to young people. Planning and coordinating educational events. Invigilating exhibitions, stewarding at events, marketing, exhibition installation.

    2000 - 2002 Pegasus School and Alderwasley Hall School – Artist in Residence - Delivered creative workshops to groups of young people with severe learning difficulties and challenging behaviour.


    Pragmata Collective - ‘Open Fragment’ - March 2021 

    Chester Bandstand - ‘Choose To Challenge’ - March 2021 

    Artists Responding To - Digital Exhibition - February - March 2021

    Wolverhampton Art Gallery – ‘The [Spaces] Inbetween’ – October 2020 – May  2021

    Digital Group Exhibition -  ‘Touch Me!’  - September - November  2020

    Sweet ‘Art - Venues around East London - ‘The Art Hunt’ - September - October 2020 

    Surface Gallery, Nottingham – ‘Personal Space’ – Performance Art Showcase – September 2020 - March 2021 

    Axisweb – Selected for New Art Highlights - July 2020

    Film, Free & Easy – Online Moving Image Showcase – May 2020 –

    Artcore Gallery, Derby – ‘Stand – Up’ – March – August 2020 –

    Participate Contemporary Art Space, Shrewsbury – ‘Winter Show’ – November/December 2019
    Axisweb – Selected for New Art Highlights  - September 2019

    Tunnel Vision 2, Nottingham - ‘Summer Lodge 2019’ - July/August 2019 

    G39, Cardiff - ‘Empower Me!’ - July 2019

    Nottingham Trent University - Summer Lodge Artist Residency - July 2019 

    Wolverhampton - ‘disORDER Live Art Festival’ - July 2019 

    The Stash Gallery, London - ‘Have a H’Art’ June 2019

    Ovalhouse, London - ‘Rejoice With Us’ - May 2019

    The Old Baths and The Yard Theatre, London - ‘Uncensored Festival’ - May 2019 

    Blenheim Walk Gallery, Leeds - ‘Arising: A Call’ - Feb/March 2019 

    Primary, Nottingham - ‘Film Free & Easy - Cast The Net’ - November 2018 

    NN Contemporary, Northampton - ‘Crowd Show’ - 2018 

    Primary, Nottingham - ‘Red Bricks’ - 2018

    Bonington Gallery, Nottingham - ‘NTU Mastered’ - 2018 

    Constellations, Baltic Triangle, Liverpool - ‘Nasty Women’ - 2018

    Espacio Gallery, London - ‘Naughty and Nice ‘ - 2017

    Anise Gallery, London - ‘Nasty Women Architecture’ - 2017

    Stour Space, London - 'Nasty Women UK' - 2017

    47/49 Tanner Street, London - 'Femfest' - 2017

    Primary, Nottingham - 'Event #1 - 2017

    Nottingham Contemporary - 'Aftermath' - 2017

    The Surface Gallery, Nottingham - ‘Open Show’ - 2016

    Nottingham Trent University - Selected for ‘Mastered’ Exhibition and Publication - 2016/17

    English Bridge Studios, Shrewsbury  - 'Memories' - 2015

    Belle Vue Methodist Church, Shrewsbury  - 'Gardens' - 2015

    Orleans House Gallery, Richmond, London – 'The New Georgians' - 2014

    Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, Shropshire - ‘The Journey Continues…’ - 2013

    Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, Shropshire - ‘Moving Beyond' - 2013


    The Mass – Fem Dominate! – April 2021 –

    Penny Thoughts - Featured Artist - Digital and Print Editions -  March 2021 

    Artists Responding To - Digital and Print Editions - February/March 2021 
    Emergency Index Volume 9 – Published by Ugly Ducking Presse – January 2021 
    Heterotopia - ‘A Feminist Heterotopia’  – October 2020 

    The Mass Publication - ‘Movements’ - July 2020  -
    Emergency Index Volume 8 – Published by Ugly Duckling  Presse - November 2019
    Average Art Magazine – Featured Artist – June 2019
    WotisArt Magazine – Featured Artist – June 2019
    Nottingham Trent University – ‘Mastered’ Publication Selected Artist – July 2017
    Aftermath – Publication to accompany the exhibition at Nottingham Contemporary – May 2017
    The Journey Continues – Publication to accompany the exhibition at Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery - 2012


    Nottingham Trent University – Recipient of School of Art and Design Scholarship Award – 2016/17

    Education and Training

    MFA Fine Art, Distinction, Nottingham Trent University - 2018 

    Nottingham Trent University MFA Fine Art Scholarship Award

    Safeguarding Children and Young People Refresher - NCVS - 2018 

    Arts Award Advisor - Discover and Explore & Bronze and Silver, Trinity College - 2014.

    Safeguarding Young people, Data Protection, British Safety Council Level 1 – 2014.

    Accessibility Awareness - Shropshire Council - 2014.

    Customer Service - Shropshire Council - 2014.

    Artist Teacher Scheme – Birmingham City University – 2012.

    Autism Awareness Training, National Autistic Society – 2011.

    New Media Training, Herbert Media, The Herbert Museum and Art Gallery – 2011.

    ICT Training, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher, Shropshire Council – 2011.

    Bachelor of Arts (Honours), History of Art, (2:1), The Open University – 2010.

    Managing Complex Behaviour, The Woodlands School – 2010.    

    BTEC National Certificate in Design, Double Distinction, Wiltshire College - 2007.

    Diploma of Higher Education in History of Art and Design, De Montfort University Leicester – 2004.