This work was made for Kettering's Arts Festival, Kettfest and links to the location, being sited next to the museum showing the town's shoe history, the rise and fall of that industry and mass production today. Shoes are arranged on the ground and elevated on small stands. The stands become invisible and the shoes seem to impossibly hover above the ground, suspended, under another power. The work resembles a road and from some views appears as traffic, congestion on a motorway, from other views like racks of shoes, a production line, churning out. From the path at midway the lines of shoes appear as the crests of waves rolling in. The work also relates to the church beyond suggesting a procession, a rich tapestry or stained glass window. The location also sits alongside the short cut from the car park into town, the passage of the shoes imitating/reflecting the path the public take. See more photos in next entry.