Approved: 16.08.2006

Suzan Inceer

Artist, Maker, Arts development worker, Gallery educator, Community worker

Approved: 16.08.2006

To provoke curiosity I experiment with both media and imagery . I work in 2 D (paint, collage, textiles ,mixed media ) and 3D. Using junk and surplus materials (recycling) is a speciality. I just love to see how and if materials will work together.The work is stylised but recognisable and often there is a story. I draw a lot on humour and the absurd . Recurring themes include : exaggeration, the patterns

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  • Location: Bournemouth, South West
  • Activities: Early years education, Primary education, Secondary education, Higher education, Further education, Adult education, Special needs education, Lecturing, Residencies, Workshops, Learning programmes, Arts in health, Community arts, Public art, Private commissions, Gallery education, Photographic documentation, Collecting
  • Categories: Education project, Illustration, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture
  • Tags: Recycle, Fun, Humour, Experimental, Junk, Surprise, Food, Educational, Unsusual, Travel


To provoke curiosity I experiment with both media and imagery . I work in 2 D (paint, collage, textiles ,mixed media ) and 3D. Using junk and surplus materials (recycling) is a speciality. I just love to see how and if materials will work together.The work is stylised but recognisable and often there is a story. I draw a lot on humour and the absurd . Recurring themes include : exaggeration, the patterns found in written foreign script.. and peoples faces. I have travelled extensively, so I frequently dip into those memories and influences .The direction of my work is enriched by work as an artist in education. Other influences : food and cooking, the architecture and hubbub in cities, particularly Istanbul, London... Cycling from A to B , sea swimming . I have been a visual artist for 25 years : from fine art to textile design to illustration and back again ( if you like categories) and for the past 15 years I've also worked very enjoyably in education and other sectors of the community, with all ages and abilities. I work in schools, galleries, museums, care homes, etc. Sessions are as diverse as: inspiring 40 NHS executives to let their imaginations literally hang out (using junk as the medium), to embossing on to clay plates with patients in a hospice and experimenting with fabric and print, with clients who have Alzheimers. The bulk of my work in education is in Primary Schools, but I also often work with pre-school age children and or their families. Residences range from two weeks to six months. I have trained other artists and also take staff training and development sessions ( with youth workers and pre school staff and primary school teachers). I regularly work with people who have special needs including people with mental health and drug / alcohol dependency issues. I have illustrated for newspapers (a regular series of recipe illustrations for The Weekend Guardian) and magazines including: The Big Issue, The Illustrated London News, Hair & Black Beauty, International Textile magazine ,Computer Shopper, G .P Magazine, TNT, SuperMarketing ,SkyLife , Homes & Gardens,T.V. Week, Good Food Magazine , Hairdressers Journal Int.; Ariel (The BBC),Portland Publishing , UniFree magazine, Istanbul. Contact Illustrators '93 (p180) .Other clients include : Polydor Records,The British Council ,Fans Clothing, London,The Fridge, Brixton,The Hearing Dogs for the Deaf Society,H. Baur Publications,TrailFinders. I have sold my design ideas for fashion fabrics in New York and Los Angeles. I have pieces in private and some public collections.

CV & Education

1991 -Postgrad Illustration, Central St Martins school of Art, London. 

1986 -BA Hons Fine Art 2:1, John Moores University, Liverpool .

1983 - Foundation Course Art/Design, Bradford College,  West Yorks .

2003 - Reminiscence Training and work, Age Exchange, London. 2002 ; Community art training and work  : Artlink Leeds and Bradford Community Arts, Leeds/Bradford.. 2001 - City and Guilds Post 16 Teaching Cert, Shipley College, West Yorkshire.

Solo exhibitions : 2009 - 'Bright , bright Red on Turquoise', The Devonshire Institute, Grassington. 2006 - 'See -Through Houses', In Touch , Bradford, West Yorks. 1997 - 'Is That Me ?', Gabriel Skelton Design Career Consultants, Hammersmith London WI4 .1994 - 'Catering To' , Café Pushkar, London SW9 ; 'Exaggeration Station' , Gabriel Skelton Design Career Consultants, London WC2 ; 'Shopping', Covent Garden Health Spa, Covent Garden, London WC2. 1993 - 'Invitation to Gatecrash' , The Village Café Gallery, Mayfair, London W1 .1993 - 'Menues', Cafe Casbar ( Smiths Galleries ), Earlham St. London WC2. 1992 - 'Life Not Lifestyle ' , Café Casbar, London WC2.

Group exhibitions :2013 : Silicon v Latex in :'Kilter Kelter' /'Take Takataka', Cupola Gallery , Sheffield ( and digitally at Spaza Gallery, Johannesburg).2010 -'Checkmate  & the Giraffe' in 'It's not Funny'-Map Gallery ,Leeds. 2009 - 'Credit Crunch Curlew', 3D Art Trail, Grassington Festival .2008 - 'The A1 Open', The Station, Richmond, North Yorkshire ;The leeds Open', leeds City Art Gallery, The Headrow ,Leeds. 2001 - Artists Open, Leeds City Art Gallery;  The Wrexham Print International, Wrexham (and touring), Wales. 2001 - The Yorkshire Open, Wakefield Arts Mill ; 'W.Work', Artlink Exchange, Hull 2000 - 'Idea of North' , Leeds City Art Gallery, Leeds .1997 - 'Boxing Clever' , The American College, Regents Park, London N1. 1995 - 'Three Ingredients' , Tea Room Des Artistes, London SW8. 1993 - 'Art for a Fairer World' Oxfam, Smiths Galleries , Covent Garden and touring :Glasgow/ Cardiff. 1992 - The Southbank Picture Show , The Royal Festival Hall, Southbank, London SE1 .1990 - 'Alter Images', The Association of Illustrators Gallery, London .1988 - The Bradford Open, Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, Bradford, West Yorks .1986 - New Contemporaries 1986, ICA London /touring .1986 - Rank Xerox '86 Marlow Art Collection, The National Theatre, South Bank , London .1986 - The Mine workers National Art Exhibition, The Winter Gardens, Blackpool. 

 Selected Residences : 2012 :'See Leeds''  at the Breeze International Youth Festival in Briggate : display and demonstration of wearable junk birds. Leeds .2010 -' Fake  Flowers', Wakefield Council, The Bridge Arts Centre. 2009 - 'Birds in Fashion', Leeds Council, Lotherton Hall, leeds. ; Interactive collage commemorating '84-'85 miners strike, Leeds Council, Armley Mills. 2008 - 'Say Good bye to Wakefield Art Gallery & Hello To The Hepworh, with flowers !', , Wakefield Art Gallery. 2004 - 'Grow a Junk Tree', Cartwright Hall Museum and Gallery, Bradford; - 'Junk sculpture Zoo', Easthorpe Visual Arts, Mirfield, W.Yorks. 2002 - 'Massive masks' and banners, family art workshop, The Arc, Piece Hall, Halifax. 2001 - 'Working large', fold- up giants, Easthorpe Visual Arts, Mirfield, W.Yorks Residencies. 2008 - Plastic (junk)' Insect' installation (outside) and workshops, Rufford Park Primary School, Yeadon, Leeds. 2004 - 'Moving Minds' : art, food and recycling, Leeds Council., Leeds Industrial Museum and Leeds Central Library. 2001 - Large playground mural and art projects , St Edmunds Nursery School, Bradford , West Yorks Selected Educational experience : early years. 2011 - Springwood Murals, Springwood primary School, Bradford , West Yorks. 2006 - Experimental art workshops, Chappletown Childrens Centre and leeds City Art Gallery, Leeds. 2005 - 'Box Friends', Russell Hall Primary School, Bradford , West Yorks. 2003 - 'Incredible Insects 'playground mural, Usher Street Primary School, Bradford , West Yorks; Seacroft Art project (Surestart), Parklands Childrens Centre and leeds City Art Gallery, Leeds ; 'The Box man' 2D and 3D, Moorelands School, Leeds City Art Gallery Selected Educational experience - primary2008 - 'Active Learning Drawing' & 2011 'Drawing Age', Artforms , Leeds, Primary Schools in Leeds. 2006 - After school art clubs, The YMCA , Leeds, Bramley primary School; 'Construct, Deconstruct and Rearrange' ( junk sculpture), Wakefield Art Gallery, Wakefield ; - 'Junk Busts' and recycling, The West Yorkshire Playhouse, sponsored by Provident Financial, Woodpark Grove and swainhouse primary schools, Bradford; - 'Story Quest', The Princes Arts and Kids Trust, Beeston, East Ardsley and Crosshills Primary Schools. 2005 - 'In The Land of illustration', The Princes Arts and Kids Trust, Beeston and East Ardsley Primary Schools .2004 - 'Design a new Species' , Eastthorpe Visual Arts, Mirfield. 2003 - 'Imagination Islands' Recycling and transformation, Morley Victoria Primary school, Leeds City Art Gallery. 2002 - 'Fold-up Miners ', Kiveton Bridge Centre, Sheffield. 

 Selected Workshops : 2010 - 'World without Prejudice!' (3D & 2D workshops), The Equal Opportunities Commission/Sheer and Lock, Firth Park High School , Sheffield. 2007 - 3 D ' Wall Stories ' : Junk sculpture with gifted and talented children, Sheffield Arts Education, Persistence Works , Sheffield .2003 - Huge 2D ' puppets', Ryburn High School, Sowerby Bridge ;'Inventing Animals', teenage mental health group, Studio 4, Artlink Leeds, West Yorks. 2002 - Out door Wall painting. Painted with Holy family High school pupils, Lees primary School, Haworth.

Other : 2006 - 'Story Quest ' Childrens art workshop exhibition, Victoria Place Gallery (for Arts and Business),Victoria, London .2005 - 'In The Land of Illustration' childrens art workshop exhibition, For Arts and Business /Arts and Kids-for 'The Big Draw' , The White Rose Shopping Centre ,Leeds. 2004 - Textured ( for taking rubbings ) table top, Education Room , Cartwright Hall, Bradford, West Yorks. 2003 - Knots and Ties ( machinery I.D tags), Bradford Industrial Museum, Bradford, West Yorks. 2002 - 'Build The Future' installation :Work from workshop @ McAuley High , Doncaster Art Gallery ( via The Arthouse , Wakefield ), Doncaster. 2002 - Design and installation of family art workshop pieces (Boxes : Horse;cutlery;knickers), Bradford Industrial Museum,West Yorks; Developing imagination & Creativity :photographs of Leeds Learning Alliance workshop in progress, City Art Gallery, Leeds. 2001 - Home Page design for 'Art Imp' software, Education Dept, Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, Bradford, West Yorks.