Approved: 16.08.2006

Suzan Inceer

Artist, Arts development worker, Community worker, Gallery educator, Maker

Approved: 16.08.2006

 Art and recycling specialist .To provoke curiosity I experiment with both media and imagery . I work in 2 D (paint, collage, textiles ,mixed media ) and 3D. Using junk and surplus materials (recycling) is a speciality. I just love to see how and if materials will work together.The work is stylised but recognisable and often there is a story. I draw a lot on humour and the absurd . Recurring themes

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 Art and recycling specialist .To provoke curiosity I experiment with both media and imagery . I work in 2 D (paint, collage, textiles ,mixed media ) and 3D. Using junk and surplus materials (recycling) is a speciality. I just love to see how and if materials will work together.The work is stylised but recognisable and often there is a story. I draw a lot on humour and the absurd . Recurring themes include : exaggeration, the patterns found in written foreign script.. and peoples faces. I have travelled extensively, so I frequently dip into those memories and influences .The direction of my work is enriched by work as an artist in education. Other influences : food and cooking, the architecture and hubbub in cities, particularly Istanbul, London... Cycling from A to B , sea swimming . I have been a visual artist for 25 years : from fine art to textile design to illustration and back again ( if you like categories) and for the past 15 years I've also worked very enjoyably in education and other sectors of the community, with all ages and abilities. I work in schools, galleries, museums, care homes, etc. Sessions are as diverse as: inspiring 40 NHS executives to let their imaginations literally hang out (using junk as the medium), to embossing on to clay plates with patients in a hospice and experimenting with fabric and print, with clients who have Alzheimers. The bulk of my work in education is in Primary Schools, but I also often work with pre-school age children and or their families. Residences range from two weeks to six months. I have trained other artists and also take staff training and development sessions ( with youth workers and pre school staff and primary school teachers). I regularly work with people who have special needs including people with mental health and drug / alcohol dependency issues. I have illustrated for newspapers (a regular series of recipe illustrations for The Weekend Guardian) and magazines including: The Big Issue, The Illustrated London News, Hair & Black Beauty, International Textile magazine ,Computer Shopper, G .P Magazine, TNT, SuperMarketing ,SkyLife , Homes & Gardens,T.V. Week, Good Food Magazine , Hairdressers Journal Int.; Ariel (The BBC),Portland Publishing , UniFree magazine, Istanbul. Contact Illustrators '93 (p180) .Other clients include : Polydor Records,The British Council ,Fans Clothing, London,The Fridge, Brixton,The Hearing Dogs for the Deaf Society,H. Baur Publications,TrailFinders. I have sold my design ideas for fashion fabrics in New York and Los Angeles. I have pieces in private and some public collections.

CV & Education

1991 -Postgrad Illustration, Central St Martins school of Art, London. 

1986 -BA Hons Fine Art 2:1, John Moores University, Liverpool .

1983 - Foundation Course Art/Design, Bradford College,  West Yorks .

2003 - Reminiscence Training and work, Age Exchange, London. 2002 ; Community art training and work  : Artlink Leeds and Bradford Community Arts, Leeds/Bradford.. 2001 - City and Guilds Post 16 Teaching Cert, Shipley College, West Yorkshire.

Solo exhibitions : 2009 - 'Bright , bright Red on Turquoise', The Devonshire Institute, Grassington. 2006 - 'See -Through Houses', In Touch , Bradford, West Yorks. 1997 - 'Is That Me ?', Gabriel Skelton Design Career Consultants, Hammersmith London WI4 .1994 - 'Catering To' , Café Pushkar, London SW9 ; 'Exaggeration Station' , Gabriel Skelton Design Career Consultants, London WC2 ; 'Shopping', Covent Garden Health Spa, Covent Garden, London WC2. 1993 - 'Invitation to Gatecrash' , The Village Café Gallery, Mayfair, London W1 .1993 - 'Menues', Cafe Casbar ( Smiths Galleries ), Earlham St. London WC2. 1992 - 'Life Not Lifestyle ' , Café Casbar, London WC2.

Group exhibitions :2013 : Silicon v Latex in :'Kilter Kelter' /'Take Takataka', Cupola Gallery , Sheffield ( and digitally at Spaza Gallery, Johannesburg).2010 -'Checkmate  & the Giraffe' in 'It's not Funny'-Map Gallery ,Leeds. 2009 - 'Credit Crunch Curlew', 3D Art Trail, Grassington Festival .2008 - 'The A1 Open', The Station, Richmond, North Yorkshire ;The leeds Open', leeds City Art Gallery, The Headrow ,Leeds. 2001 - Artists Open, Leeds City Art Gallery;  The Wrexham Print International, Wrexham (and touring), Wales. 2001 - The Yorkshire Open, Wakefield Arts Mill ; 'W.Work', Artlink Exchange, Hull 2000 - 'Idea of North' , Leeds City Art Gallery, Leeds .1997 - 'Boxing Clever' , The American College, Regents Park, London N1. 1995 - 'Three Ingredients' , Tea Room Des Artistes, London SW8. 1993 - 'Art for a Fairer World' Oxfam, Smiths Galleries , Covent Garden and touring :Glasgow/ Cardiff. 1992 - The Southbank Picture Show , The Royal Festival Hall, Southbank, London SE1 .1990 - 'Alter Images', The Association of Illustrators Gallery, London .1988 - The Bradford Open, Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, Bradford, West Yorks .1986 - New Contemporaries 1986, ICA London /touring .1986 - Rank Xerox '86 Marlow Art Collection, The National Theatre, South Bank , London .1986 - The Mine workers National Art Exhibition, The Winter Gardens, Blackpool. 

 Selected Residences : 2012 :'See Leeds''  at the Breeze International Youth Festival in Briggate : display and demonstration of wearable junk birds. Leeds .2010 -' Fake  Flowers', Wakefield Council, The Bridge Arts Centre. 2009 - 'Birds in Fashion', Leeds Council, Lotherton Hall, leeds. ; Interactive collage commemorating '84-'85 miners strike, Leeds Council, Armley Mills. 2008 - 'Say Good bye to Wakefield Art Gallery & Hello To The Hepworh, with flowers !', , Wakefield Art Gallery. 2004 - 'Grow a Junk Tree', Cartwright Hall Museum and Gallery, Bradford; - 'Junk sculpture Zoo', Easthorpe Visual Arts, Mirfield, W.Yorks. 2002 - 'Massive masks' and banners, family art workshop, The Arc, Piece Hall, Halifax. 2001 - 'Working large', fold- up giants, Easthorpe Visual Arts, Mirfield, W.Yorks Residencies. 2008 - Plastic (junk)' Insect' installation (outside) and workshops, Rufford Park Primary School, Yeadon, Leeds. 2004 - 'Moving Minds' : art, food and recycling, Leeds Council., Leeds Industrial Museum and Leeds Central Library. 2001 - Large playground mural and art projects , St Edmunds Nursery School, Bradford , West Yorks Selected Educational experience : early years. 2011 - Springwood Murals, Springwood primary School, Bradford , West Yorks. 2006 - Experimental art workshops, Chappletown Childrens Centre and leeds City Art Gallery, Leeds. 2005 - 'Box Friends', Russell Hall Primary School, Bradford , West Yorks. 2003 - 'Incredible Insects 'playground mural, Usher Street Primary School, Bradford , West Yorks; Seacroft Art project (Surestart), Parklands Childrens Centre and leeds City Art Gallery, Leeds ; 'The Box man' 2D and 3D, Moorelands School, Leeds City Art Gallery Selected Educational experience - primary2008 - 'Active Learning Drawing' & 2011 'Drawing Age', Artforms , Leeds, Primary Schools in Leeds. 2006 - After school art clubs, The YMCA , Leeds, Bramley primary School; 'Construct, Deconstruct and Rearrange' ( junk sculpture), Wakefield Art Gallery, Wakefield ; - 'Junk Busts' and recycling, The West Yorkshire Playhouse, sponsored by Provident Financial, Woodpark Grove and swainhouse primary schools, Bradford; - 'Story Quest', The Princes Arts and Kids Trust, Beeston, East Ardsley and Crosshills Primary Schools. 2005 - 'In The Land of illustration', The Princes Arts and Kids Trust, Beeston and East Ardsley Primary Schools .2004 - 'Design a new Species' , Eastthorpe Visual Arts, Mirfield. 2003 - 'Imagination Islands' Recycling and transformation, Morley Victoria Primary school, Leeds City Art Gallery. 2002 - 'Fold-up Miners ', Kiveton Bridge Centre, Sheffield. 

 Selected Workshops : 2010 - 'World without Prejudice!' (3D & 2D workshops), The Equal Opportunities Commission/Sheer and Lock, Firth Park High School , Sheffield. 2007 - 3 D ' Wall Stories ' : Junk sculpture with gifted and talented children, Sheffield Arts Education, Persistence Works , Sheffield .2003 - Huge 2D ' puppets', Ryburn High School, Sowerby Bridge ;'Inventing Animals', teenage mental health group, Studio 4, Artlink Leeds, West Yorks. 2002 - Out door Wall painting. Painted with Holy family High school pupils, Lees primary School, Haworth.

Other : 2006 - 'Story Quest ' Childrens art workshop exhibition, Victoria Place Gallery (for Arts and Business),Victoria, London .2005 - 'In The Land of Illustration' childrens art workshop exhibition, For Arts and Business /Arts and Kids-for 'The Big Draw' , The White Rose Shopping Centre ,Leeds. 2004 - Textured ( for taking rubbings ) table top, Education Room , Cartwright Hall, Bradford, West Yorks. 2003 - Knots and Ties ( machinery I.D tags), Bradford Industrial Museum, Bradford, West Yorks. 2002 - 'Build The Future' installation :Work from workshop @ McAuley High , Doncaster Art Gallery ( via The Arthouse , Wakefield ), Doncaster. 2002 - Design and installation of family art workshop pieces (Boxes : Horse;cutlery;knickers), Bradford Industrial Museum,West Yorks; Developing imagination & Creativity :photographs of Leeds Learning Alliance workshop in progress, City Art Gallery, Leeds. 2001 - Home Page design for 'Art Imp' software, Education Dept, Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, Bradford, West Yorks.