Individuality, distinctiveness, uniqueness form our identity; who or what we are. This series of self-portraits was inspired by the humankind’s urge to categorise. Whatever you think you see in these images it is still me.
Visual decoration or types of clothing may suggest class, culture, creed, religion or ethnicity. The outer shell and its various wrappings; skin, clothing, accessories, may change and alter appearance as they do. The viewer is asked to form their own opinion of who I really am. The person portrayed whose the inner soul remains the same throughout is me.
A series of self portraits which can be configured to fit into approx 2 metres width/140 height each one 27 x 35.5 cms
Materials: Cotton/linen & recycled fabrics, cotton/wool threads on wool felt.
Techniques: Mixed media - hand and machine stitch, appliqué and painting on wool