Location: Chateau Dumas, France

On this inspirational workshop with textile artist Sue Stone and Selvedge magazine you will learn how to create a personal narrative artwork using a combination of hand and machine stitch, layering and appliqué.
Sue’s work is often witty and light-hearted featuring whimsical scenes and interesting characters from everyday life and during the week you will be encouraged to develop a figurative piece of stitched work using your own personal photos and sketches as your inspiration.
You’ll learn from Sue how to use a small vocabulary of simple stitches to tell your story in thread and how to use fabrics and specialist threads to suggest different effects. You’ll learn to explore and experiment in order to find new ways of using images and anecdotes to convey ideas, thoughts and memories.
Sue will demonstrate quick and easy ways to get started and share the simple processes she uses herself, focussing on hand stitch, layering and appliqué with an option to add machine stitch if you wish. You’ll find you’ll quickly gain the confidence to stamp your own personality on your work.

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