Location: Studio Preniac, France

This experimental workshop will cover both figurative and non-figurative elements in hand and machine stitch, appliqué and paint. Gather images of texture, pattern, text, and colour palettes at the local market as inspiration and reference for your work. Add your own imagination and choose your colours, fabrics, and threads to reflect your own personality. Look afresh at a simple stitch vocabulary and a variety of techniques and experiment to develop them further.
Sue will provide a selection of images to use as a starting point for the figurative elements and will bring her handling samples to illustrate the simple processes she uses to make her work.
Techniques covered include: appliqué, needle-weaving, ‘mock’ herringbone, colour mixing in the needle to create depth and using contrasting weights & types of thread to create texture.
By the end of the workshop you will have new ideas and the necessary skills and confidence to progress your own work further.

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