Ain’t The Archies has now reopened and can be viewed in the flesh at
Timeless Textiles, Newcastle, NSW, Australia until 5th December 2021

For Ain’t the Archies, a diverse group of 20 artists from different parts of Australia and around the world have created portraits either of themselves or of another fibre artist who has influenced them. As conceptually thrilling as it is aesthetically rich, Ain’t the Archies features new works that reinterpret and reimagine portraiture. The works apply a range of textile art techniques creating unique and inspired artworks.

The artists include:
Brett Alexander – Australia – mixed media (self portrait)
Jim Arendt – USA – cut denim (Marie Bergstedt)
Kerstin Bennier – Austria – performance art (self portrait)
Marie Bergstedt – USA – buttons/embroidery (Jim Arendt)
Melissa Campbell – UK – paper (Janice Lessman-Moss )
Chris Clifton – Australia – photography and stitch (Hinke Schreuders)
Jo Hamilton – USA – crochet (Xenobia Bailey)
Judy Hooworth – Australia -art quilt (self portrait)
Anne Kelly – UK – embroidery (self portrait)
Anne Kempton – Australia- mixed media (Nalda Searle)
Katharina Krenkel – Germany – soft sculptures (Yayoi Kusama)
Anne Leon – Australia – eco-dye and screen print (Anne Kempton)
Alysn Midlow Marden – NZ -mixed media (El Anatsui)
Mary Pal – Canada – cheesecloth and stitch (Nysha)
Sharon Peoples – Australia- machine embroidery (Julie Ryder)
Wilma Simmons – Australia- mixed media (Margaret Adams)
Sue Stone – UK – textural stitch (Constance Howard )
Dionne Swift - UK - thread stitching (self portrait)
Emily Tull - UK - thread painting (Sue Stone)
Sylvia Watt – Australia – mixed media (Margy Alexander)