Charcoal drawings on paper

Project: Art Licks on North York Moors

This AHH Studio Collective residency focused on engaging with the site and surrounding area through the lens of Herbert Read’s novel, ‘The Green Child’. Inspired by Read's account of first sensing the ‘patterns and atmospheres’ of life growing up nearby on his father’s farm, work began on a time lapse video that traced passages of light as they travelled through an agricultural building of interest on site.

Responding to gestural marks found on the fabric of the building itself, this series of drawings explores mark making through digital and hand drawn approaches. The title was inspired by Read's poem 'Moon's Farm' that reflects on relationships with land.

'Patterns and Atmospheres' video: Art Licks Work in Progress, North York Moors, November 2022
'The Pattern that Emerges 20, 22': 'Body-Architect', Norman Rea Gallery, University of York, March 2023