Approved: 13.05.2013

Stuart Jarvis

Artist, Teacher

Approved: 13.05.2013

Recent charcoal drawings include American freeways (ongoing interest in brutalist architecture and built environment.)

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  • Location: Warwick, UK Wide
  • Artforms: Film & video, Mixed media, Photography, Sculpture
  • Tags: death, sonderkommando, holocaust, auschwitz, drawing, digital photography, paper, sculpture, severed hand, suicide, head, severed, digital, mirrored, plant

Artist Statement

Recent charcoal drawings include American freeways (ongoing interest in brutalist architecture and built environment.)

The death island of Utøya is the subject of my drawings and paintings. In contrast to the colourful photographs of the summer camps my drawings render the island pensively still frozen in monochrome. 

We are all spectators. - Our consumer culture, our excesses, renders us privileged to the global politicised force of the modern image. But are we harmed by the media's relentless obsession or are we anesthetised by the glut of ceaseless traffic? By the sheer mobility and accessibility of images have our expectations risen to accept a liberalising censorship or are we as mutual in our shock of the unbearable image as we've ever been? There's shame as well as shock in viewing the intolerable image; there's certainly no absolving of our responsibility and certainly no sign the torrent will abate. The pleasure of flinching, the morbid vicarious attachment, the distance from degradation afforded by anonymity; we clamour for the authentic and believe more the grainy, imperfect feed of the remote image than we do the clichéd war journalism of old. The compulsion to look is the struggle between reason and desire. 

My recent work aligns the found abject image (often sourced from journalistic sources) with brutal architecture.




CV & Education

Qualifications and training.

  • 2010 - MA in Contemporary Art and Professional Practice, Colchester institute, Essex
  • 1995 - BA (hons) Fine Art, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham

Group exhibitions 

  • 2013 - March Hare Collaborative, The Lounge, Bury St Edmunds.
  • 2011/2013 - Suffolk Showcase, Smiths Row, Bury St Edmunds
  • 2012 - MA Degree show, The Minories, Colchester Residencies
  • 2011 - Group residency Firstsite, Firstsite, Colchester


  • Bury Art Society critical review 2012/2013
  • Bury Art Summer Show judge 2012/2013