Approved: 16.08.2006

steve hines


Approved: 16.08.2006

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    Artist Statement

    I work freely and intuitively across a variety of mediums, responding to what impacts on me physically or emotionally and to what I see happening or not happening in the world. I enjoy manipulating, distorting or reassembling existing objects - changing their meaning and disabling their function. What remains is a useless artwork, which is perfectly acceptable: – ‘art for arts sake’, (Nietzsche) isn’t just ‘art for arts sake’ – art doesn’t have to have a purpose, to moralise or to be useful. The creation of artworks from the readymade may also be viewed as a sort of conservation in that objects are plucked from obscurity, after their usefulness has expired perhaps, then treated with care and attention. Recent sculptural work has been created using found materials that are developed as assemblages or reconfigurations based on formal or art historical references. My practice ranges from traditional aesthetic concerns with occasional modernist references, through to agit-prop or activist responses to systems of authority where I challenge conventions, or accepted approaches, and comfortable positions. These conventions are examined, interrogated, dissected or critiqued, through an ironic or subversive approach to question etant donnes, (that which is given). Nietzsche describes a state of affairs which is recognisable today and of particular interest to me:

                The tension, the extension between the extremes is getting smaller and smaller today – the extremes themselves are shrinking down to similarity in the end.

                                                                                 Raids of an Untimely Man, Twilight of the Idols

    There is also a conscious art historical connection in several works with open acknowledgement to iconic figures such as Marcel Duchamp or Piet Mondrian for example.. These references are regarded as hors d’oeuvres for the creative process and response. It is impossible to escape the influence of art history and so it is only logical to draw inspiration and expand on previous ideas. Romantic notions of revolution, anarchy and subversion are also relevant ingredients, but that is all they are. I realise the futility, hopelessness and ineffectiveness of these notions in today’s spectacle obsessed, capitalist, consumer driven society. Despite the cynicism my practice is buoyed by the injection of a healthy amount of optimism and humour.

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    CV & Education

    Qualifications and training

    2011 - PGCE, Post-compulsory education., Institute of Education, London

    2006 - MA Fine Art, Byam Shaw @ Central Saint Martins, London

    2001 - BTEC Professional Development Certificate in Computer Applications for Art and Design,  Newcastle College, Newcastle upon Tyne

    1998 - 1st Class BA(Hons) Degree in Photography, Video & Digital Imaging, University of Sunderland, .

    1995 - BTEC National Diploma in Design, (Photography), South Nottingham College, Nottingham

    Solo exhibitions

    2016 - 'SILVER FOX'. The Platform Project, London

    2014 - Camberwell Arts Festival. Selected for ‘Luck Dip’ commission from open submission. Burgess Park, London -

    2013 - Present, (Venice mask) for 55th Venice Biennale, Six locations in Venice, Each district of Venice

    2009 - Cockney Rejects, WORKING ROOMS., London

    2004 - RED3, Red Box Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne

    2002 - faith, hope & charity', Cullercoats Metro Station, Cullercoats

    2002 - We Are Time, Saville Exchange, North Shields

    2000 - We Are Time, Adhoc Gallery, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear

    1999 - A Taste for Art, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland

    1999 - Face Facts.  Exhibition of work produced by children during Photographic Image Residency and Workshops, Globe Gallery, North Shields

    Group exhibitions

    2019               Laboratory of Dissent 2 - Inside/Outside.  Symposium & Video film exhibition. The Screen, Winchester School of Art, UK

    2019            Beyond a dull moment. Collaborative project & residency between 12 artists at a Grade 1 listed building in Hackney, London. Included public open access. Organised by artist Eugene Macki.

    2019            Selected as one of 3 finalists for an exhibition of sculpture in response to the theme 'the shape of the public health' held at The Royal Society for the Public Health HQ in London

    2019            Royal Society of Sculptors Summer Exhibition of members and fellows. London

    2019            Parallel Lines: Drawing & Sculpture.  Drawing responses by members of the Royal Society of Sculptors to sculptures from the Ingram Collection. The Lightbox, Woking, London, UK

    2019            Mechanical Circus.  3rd on 3rd Gallery, Reg Lenna Center for The Arts, Jamestown, NY USA

    2018    Reshaping Spontaneity. Micro-residency with artist Eugene Macki at NN ContemporaryProject Space, Northampton

    2018    Forms Assembled in the Light, The KPP Prize for Art, Architecture & Design. Sunny Bank Mills Gallery, Leeds

    2017   Unforgettable (You), NR PROJECT, London

    2016 - CHROMA Blue exhibition. Peckham, London
    2016 - Pavilion Open, Penarth, Cardiff

    2014 Tomorrow: You Have No Events Scheduled For Tomorrow. RADIANT, Plymouth

    2014 -PLEASE STAND BY. Video screening event, Chisenhale Studios, London

    2013 - UNPERFORMING. Group show by invitation from The Departure Foundation, Gracechurch Street, London

    2013 - VOID Open, Hoxton Arches Gallery, London

    2012 - Boeing Way to Gas Street: Artists from opposite ends of The Grand Union Canal, Organised by the Departure Foundation, Gas Street, Birmingham

    2012 - Journeys Across Media: Time Tells: Temporal Excavatons in Film, Theatre & Television, University of Reading, Reading

    2012 - MICROCOSM, Departure Foundation, Leeds

    2012 - Salon Art Prize 2012, Griffin Art Gallery, London

    2012 - Salon Art Prize 2012, Matt Roberts Art Gallery, London

    2011 - EL PERRO SEMIHUNDIDO, LITRO Osteria, London

    2011 - Optica Festival Madrid 2011, La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain

    2010 - BHVU Open Summer Exhibition, Basket House Village Universe, London

    2010 - Private/Public  Gallery 320, Bethnal Green, London

    2010 - PRUSSIAN PROJEKTE: HOLES , Digital Broadway, Broadway Cinema, Nottingham

    2009 - One Minute Film & Video Festival, Aarau,, Switzerland.

    2009 - untitled (unspectacular' installation at Athens Video Art Festival,, Athens, Greece

    2008 - Come Out & Play, apexart -, New York, USA

    2008 - Multichannel, ArtSway,, Sway, Hampshire, England

    2008 - One Minute Film & Video Festival, Aarau,, Switzerland.

    2008 - Optica: International Festival of Video Art., FNAC Callao, Madrid & Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto, Gijon, Gijon & Madrid, Spain

    2008 - Vernacular Spectacular, part of Folkestone Triennial Fringe Festival, Folkestone Funicular., Organised and curated by Club Shepway.

    2007 - Artist as Activist:International Performance Art Event , Screening of 3 video films. Tokyo, Japan

    2007 - Winter Lightworks Festival. High street shop window exhibition. Organised by Allerdale Borough Council, Workington, Cumbria

    2006 - In the Flesh: Live Art, Theatre & Dance festival, Barbican Theatre, Plymouth

    2006 - MARK, Dartington College of Arts, Totnes, Devon

    2006 - Parcours #2. Organised by Espace Croise, Lille, Maison Falleur, Cambrai, Northern France

    2006 - Point of View # 2, Dunkerque LAAC, organised by Espace Croise, Lille, Northern France

    2006 - PULSAR International multi-media festival, Museo Alejandro, Caracas, Venezuela

    2006 - Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin , Cinema du Monde. Screening of 'ANYONE', Paris, France

    2005 - Eye for Art, CuratorSpace Gallery, London

    2005 - Grounds for Designs, Museum of Domestic Design & Architecture, London

    2005 - Island Film & Video Festival 2005, Prenelle Gallery, London

    2005 - Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, 'Europe' Metro Station, Paris

    2005 - Society of Scottish Artists Annual Exhibition, Edinburgh

    2004 - '10 x 10', Part of 'The Independent' at the Liverpool Biennial

    2004 - 'ARTCONCEPT' , St Petersburg, Russia

    2004 - Artists Books,

    2004 - exposure 2, Candid Arts Centre, London

    2004 - Home,  Hotbath Gallery, Bath

    2004 - INPORT 2004, Tallin, Estonia

    2004 - Multiplus Reloaded, Saltburn Gallery, Saltburn-by-the-Sea

    2004 - Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin, La Grande Halle, La Villette, Paris, France

    2003 - Artsparkle, The Corn Exchange, Leeds

    2003 - Multiplus, The Green Market, Newcastle upon Tyne

    2003 - zeit[raume], showing of '8x8', Globe Gallery, North Shields

    2002 - Full length version of 8x8 , screened at 291 Gallery, London. One night event featuring performance, video and installation.

    2002 - Harvey's Bodies, The Metropole Galleries, Folkestone

    2002 - strip, Union Clothes shop window, Newcastle upon Tyne

    2002 - What's in the Paper Bag?, part of 'The Independent' at the Liverpool Biennial

    2001 - the grass is greener, Cuckoo Farm Studios Sculpture Trail, Colchester, Essex

    2001 - untitled, CyberAxis Gallery, Axis Artists

    2001 - uz-iz-oz, Darlington Arts Centre, Darlington, Installation of short film and photographs made during a summer workshop programme

    2000 - and now, Vardy Gallery, University of Sunderland

    1999 - Art in Northern Churches, Touring Exhibition, starting at Hartlepool Art Gallery, Teeside

    1999 - Flashpoint, Globe Gallery, North Shields

    1999 - G2108 5147M, The Hancock Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne, Part of Vane '99

    1999 - plus one, The Buddle Arts Centre, Wallsend, North Tyneside

    1999 - Run Rabbit Run, Waywood Gallery, Newcastle and Allenheads Centre for Contemporary Art, Allenheads, Near Hexam