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Steve Dutton

Artist, Consultant, Curator, Lecturer / academic, Writer

Approved: 16.08.2006




    Steve Dutton is an artist, researcher and curator who works on both collaborative and individual projects. He is currently working on solo projects and with Andrew Bracey on a Curatorial project entitled 'Midpointness' which has had manifestations for the Trans Art Triennial and Airspace in Stoke-on-Trent, UK. In the past he worked closely with Steve Swindells (Dutton and Swindells) since 1998, prior to which he was one half of the collaboration of Dutton and Peacock. He has also enjoyed working in the past with artist Steve Hawley and the sound artist, Neil Webb. (

    He is also currently developing a new body work under the working title of “industry” which is including drawings, sound works, animations, objects and texts.

    Individual and collaborative projects have been exhibited throughout the UK and internationally, including The Stag and Hound at PSL in Leeds for which Dutton and Swindells were nominated for the prestigious Northern Art Prize. (Please see CV for a full list of recent projects). Steve has published in the Journal of Writing in Creative Practice (2009) and the Journal of Visual Arts Practice (2007) along with many contributions to various magazines and publications. He also has curated a number of exhibitions including a co-curated project ( with Brian Curtin ) for an exhibition for Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre, entitled  ‘Possession’.

    Steve is a Professor of Fine Art at Bath School of Art and Design, where he is Head of Art and Director of the Art Research Centre.  Before Bath Spa  he was Professor in Contemporary Art Practice at the University of Lincoln in the U.K. prior to which he was Reader in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam for 5 years and Professor in Creative Practice at Coventry University for 4 years ( where he founded and developed Lanchester Gallery Projects along with Sadie Kerr).

    Along with his practice Steve is increasingly writing and delivering papers on the subject of ‘Artists’ institutes and the Institutes of Art’, drawing on complexities within his own practice and the practice of a growing body of artists ( as opposed to academics and managers ) who seek to rethink the nature of the art educational institution as a process of unfolding ‘epistemic events’ rather than a sequence of ‘progressive’ tiers of knowledge.  This relationship to non-teleological space/time is central to his work both as an artist and as an academic.

    Steve is based in London and and Bath.

    CV & Education

    Steve Dutton MA (RCA)

    Artist/Artistic Researcher



    Education and Training

    1979-82             BA (Hons) Painting Sheffield City Polytechnic

    1985-87             MA (RCA) Painting Royal College of Art

    2015                  Institute of Leadership and Management. Level 5 (Pg Cert.)

    2016                  Relational Dynamics (RD1st) Coaching Qualification.               


    Current Academic Post


    2017 onwards        Professor of Art. Head of Art. Director of Art Research Centre. Bath Spa School of Art and Design. Bath Spa University.


    Previous Academic Posts


    2011- 2016        Professor in Contemporary Art Practice at the University of Lincoln UK

    2007- 2011        Professor in Creative Practice at Coventry University UK

    2004- 2007        Reader in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University  UK

    1994-2007         Senior Lecturer/Principal Lecturer in Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University UK

                              (MA Fine Art Course Leader)





    Completed (since 2002)


    2017 Broadcaster. Waddintgon, Rural Lincolnshore. UK


    2017    No-Telos. Artistic Research Project. Venice. Italy

    2017    Mind, Language, Matter. Curated by J.M.C. Anderson. St.Mary’s House, Norwich. UK

    2017    Performance Arcade/Performing Writing. Collaborative project with sound Artist Annie Morrad. Wellington, New Zealand.

     2016    Midpointness. Co-Curated project with Andrew Bracey. Airspace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

    2016 Trans-Art Triennial project 2016

    Co-curatorial project with Andrew Bracey for the Trans Art Triennial (New York/Berlin).

    2015 Art/Text. NCST gallery. Tangshan, China

    2015  Midpointness  The Lock-Up Art and Culture Centre, Newcastle, Australia.

    2015  Care + Attend  Curated by Emma Cocker and Joanne Lee for Unconditional Love.

    Society of Artistic Research. Chelsea College of Arts. London

    2014     Detail H Gallery Bangkok, Transition Gallery London, Usher Gallery, Lincoln

    2014    Possession (2)  Co-Curated exhibition of pan-European and Asian Contemporary Art for LGP 

    2013     Possession (1)  Co-Curated exhibition of pan-European and Asian Contemporary Art for Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre, Bangkok.

    2012 Modern Times – episode 2: Faster-Slower. Numerous sites across the Netherlands

    2012 End of Ends Arts Council Commission for Bend in The River, Gainsborough, UK

    2011 The Stag and Hound-Dutton/Swindells PSL Leeds

    2010 Unspeaking Engagements Chulalongkorn Art Centre, Bangkok and LGP, Coventry

    2009 The Institute of Beasts-Dutton/Swindells Kuando Museum of Fine Art Taipei

    2008    Preoccupations: Things Artists Do Anyway  Dutton/Swindells Studio Bibliothèque

    Hong Kong

    2008 Ssamzie Contemporary Art Space International Residency Seoul, Korea

    2007 A little bit goes a long way Consortium, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    2007 Un Jour de Beauté. (with Alec Shepley) The Nunnery, Bow, London

    2007 Autobiobliophiles Dutton/Swindells, Studio Bibliothèque Hong Kong

    2006 The Dog and Duck -Dutton/Swindells Kookmin Art Gallery Seoul S.Korea

    2006 Text + Work = “Work” Dutton-Swindells Text + Work Gallery Bournemouth UK

    2005 project for Art-Omma.

    2005 Folklore APT Gallery, London UK

    2005 Emergency 2 Aspex Gallery Portsmouth UK

    2005 Similar to Nothing Laussanne Underground Film Festival, Hawley/Dutton

    2005     VAD Festival Internacional de Vídeo i Arts Digitals the Annual Girona Film Festival

    2005 Txtrapolis Dutton/Swindells NAFA Gallery Singapore

    2005 Sex Death and Flat Pack Furniture Holden Gallery MMU Manchester

    2004 Site for Unbuilding  Wrexham Arts Centre and Oriel Davies Newtown

    2004 [Shift} - E merged D. Site specific projects. Leeds UK

    2004 S1 Alternative Action Plan Dutton/Swindells, Sheffield UK

    2003 Look to this Day Castlefield Gallery Manchester UK

    2003 Plaza text intervention into Sheffield Newspapers. Dutton/Swindells as Suns of the Desert

    2003 Brown - field Site Dutton/Swindells as Suns of the Desert . Sheffield ART 03 Sheffield UK

    2003 Entropic Gym Variation  Dutton/ Peacock / Swindells  Sheperd Gallery Reno Nevada U.S.A.

    2002  Power to the People Dutton/ Peacock / Swindells  Contemporary Art Forum, Ontario

    2002 Entropic Gym Dutton/ Peacock / Swindells  Mercer Union Toronto



    2011 Moves towards the Incomprehensible Wild Emma Cocker

     Art and Research- A Journal of Ideas, Contexts and Methods

     Volume 4. No. 1. Summer 2011.ISSN 1752-6388


    2010 The work of Dutton and Swindells

             Photonet Magazine ( S.Korea ). Jan issue.


    2009 Dissolving boundaries Bangkok Post


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    1997     Untitled  May 1997. No 13. p 25-26 Plague-orgy-time and Musee Imaginaire . Sharon Kivland.





    2017     Arts Council of England Artists International Development Award. ( New Zealand )


    2015     Banco Santander Network award. Travel to China.


    2013 Arts Council of England G4A award for Possession ( 1 )  Bangkok Arts and Culture

                 Centre, Thailand and Possession ( 2 ), LGP Coventry, UK (£10K)


    2012     Arts Council of England funded residency project for Bend in the River UK (£5K)


    2011     Major G4A Arts Council of England Award for a two year contemporary art programme for   Lanchester Gallery Projects (LGP) in Coventry, UK. (£90K)


    2010    Pmi2 British Council Grant for developing MA in International Contemporary Art Practice with  Kookmin University in Seoul. (£35K)


    2007    Major Arts Council of England  Award for “The Institute of Beasts” Project involving  a S.Korean Residency, Project, exhibitions, and publications. (£25K)


    2005     AHRB award for ‘Similar to Nothing’ with Professor Steve Hawley MMU (£5K)


    1988     Royal College of Art Drawing Prize



    2014 Project anywhere; Art at the outermost limits of location specificity.

    ISBN 978-0-692-32297


    2013    Possession (1). Catalogue published by the Bangkok Arts and Culture Centre.


    2011 The Institute of Beasts. Published by Site Gallery, distributed by Cornerhouse

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    2009 Unspeaking Engagements Published by the Art Centre, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok.


    2008 Preoccupations: Things Artists Do Anyway  (Dutton & Swindells)

                 Studio Bibliothèque Hong  Kong Ed. Cornelia Erdmann and Michael Lee Hong Hwee

    ISBN 978-988-17635-1-8


    2008 Drawing Breath. Lugar De Desenho, Porto, Portugal


    2008    Text + Work = Work. Co-written with Steve Swindells.

                  Published by the Arts Institute at Bournemouth ISBN 0-901196-11-8


    2005      Misleading Epiphenomena. Published by Artwords Press Co-authors.

                  Dr Steve Swindells, Dr. Barbara Penner ISBN 0954390873


    2003 Site + Sight. Translating Cultures. Earl Lu Gallery, Exhibition catalogue Singapore.

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    2000     Entropic Gym Produced for Mercer Union Centre For Contemporary Art

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    2000     Province Exhibition catalogue ISBN 0863399231



    2017     Towards the Midpoint (Intervention with Andrew Bracey)

             Please Specify! Sharing Artistic Research Across Disciplines.

             International Conference on Artistic Research.

             Society of Artistic Research Annual Conference

             Uniarts Helsinki


    2016 A work in Process (with Annie Morrad )

    Research Practice Practice Research Symposium


    University of Cumbria, UK


    2016 Art, Philosophy, Writing and Speech

    Society of Artistic Research Annual Conference, University of the Arts, The Hague.



    2015 The Work is a Score

     Key note for ‘Next to nothing: performance stripped to the bone’ at the University of

    Newcastle, Australia.



    2015 The flickering Institution

    Material Culture in Action: Practices of making, collecting and re-enacting art and design.

    Glasgow School of Art, UK


    2015 Text and work

    Conference paper for Text Versus Art Conference, The University of Lòdz


    2014 Towards an office of institutional aesthetics

                  Conference Paper for Project Anywhere at Parsons New School, New York.


    2014 Art Takes residence (the Office of Institutional Aesthetics)

                  Conference paper, Arts Into Society 2014, Rome


    2013 Artists’ Institutes and the Institutes of Art.

    Conference paper Arts into Society 2013, Budapest

     2013 On Being There  Essay on Guangju 2012 for Axis Contemporary Art

    2012 Inhabiting the Institution  ELIA Conference paper Porto Teachers Academy

    2013 The Institute of Ruin Conference paper ( co-presented with Alec Shepley ) 

    Sensuous Knowledge 7, The Art Museums of Bergen Bergen Academy of Art  and Design

    2012 One + One Catalogue essay for Brigid Mcleer. Published by Highlanes Gallery.

                 ISBN: 978-0-9554311-4

    2011 On the Specificity of Biennials. AN Magazine. Dec. 2011

    2011    Conference Paper at ‘Creativity, Play and the Imagination’ ,Teachers College, 

    Columbia   University, New York. May 26th-28th

    2011 Conference Paper July conference at the ATHENS institute for Education and Research.

    2011     Cuts in Culture. AN magazine. Co-written with Katriona Beales

    2010     Cluelessness  Conference paper.

    July conference at the ATHENS institute for Education and Research

    2010    The Mind's eye in the severed head of the works of M.K. Ho.

                 Catalogue Essay Essay in "Landscapes in the Brain" ISBN 978-957417162-0,.

                 pub. Ho Huang-Ching        

    2009 The Institute of Beasts Journal of Writing in Creative Practice

                 Print ISSN: 1753-5190 Volume: 2. Issue: 1 Cover date: July 2009 Page(s): 117-125

    2008 Post-conceptual artists’ practices  Writing Encounters conference paper.

    (Dutton and Swindells) York St. John University, UK.

    2007 Apocotropes Journal of Visual Arts Practice ISSN: 14702029

    Vol 6. Issue 3 pp 251-256

    2007 Something like nothing happens anywhere. Co-edited with Jeanine Griffin

                 A-N commissioned research papers Dec 2007

    2006 Curatorial questions around the British Art Show. A-N Magazine. Nov 2006

    2006 Biennials and “Biennials”. Article A-N magazine June 2006

    2006     Why Sheffield Art 05 is not a “Biennial”. Spec T symposium. Sheffield 2000



    MA/BA Fine Art External Validation Panel. The University of St. David’s Trinity, Wales ( 2017 )


    External Validation panel member for the MA in Chinese Contemporary Art at Birmingham City University ( 2016 )


    External Research Excellence Framework advisor to Sir John Cass Faculty of Art and Design, London

    Metropolitan University (2013)


    External Validation panel for London Met/Whitechapel gallery Contemporary Curating MA



    External Examiner Roles


    BA Fine Art at The University of Gloucestershire 2016 onwards

    MA Chinese Contemporary Art Practice at Birmingham City University 2016 onwards

    BA Fine Art at Falmouth University ( 2013-2017 )

    BA Fine Art at Northumbria University ( 2012- 2016 )

    BA Fine Art at Manchester Metropolitan University ( 2009-2013)

    PhD external examiner (Viva Voce) UWE (2012)

    MA Fine Art at Central St.Martins ( 2006-11 )

    MA Fine Art at Brighton University ( 2007-12 )

    BA Fine Art at London Metropolitan University ( 2003-7 )

    BA Fine Art in Context at The University of the West of England ( 2000-4 )

    MA Fine Art at The  University of the West of England ( 2000-4 )

    MA Fine Art at  The University of Central Lancashire ( 2002-6 )

    MA Experimental Film at The  University of Central Lancashire ( 2006 )



    Doctoral Supervision


    4 completions


    Laura Gonzalez  Make me yours: the psychodynamics of seduction through works of art

    Sheffield Hallam University.

    Dan Pryde Jarman Artists’ run Curatorial Practices

    Coventry University

    Andrea Hannon The studio in the Mind

    Coventry University

    Yuen Fong Ling A body of relations: reconfiguring the life class

    University of Lincoln


    September 2017 Critical Friend. No-Telos project, Venice Biennale.

    July 2014   Co-Founder of the Impossible Constellation

    March 2014 onwards              Editorial Committee member, Project Anywhere.

    June 2014 onwards                Peer reviewer Journal of Artistic Research


    Jan. 2011 onwards                    Member of the National AIR Council


    July 2013                             Peer  reviewer for Orpheus Institute


    Jan 2012-13                          Lanchester Gallery Projects Steering Group


    2009-2012                              Founder and Director Lanchester Gallery Projects (LGP)


    Nov. 2008                               Peer reviewer for the Vienna Science and Technology Fund/ Art and Science Call 2008


    2008-2011                    Trustee. Coventry Artspace


    2004-2011                    Director Sheffield Contemporary Art Forum/ArtSheffield


    1991-2004                   Co- Founder and Trustee of S1 Artspace, Sheffield