Approved: 30.11.2018

Stephen Calcutt

Artist, Digital designer, Film-maker, Maker

Approved: 30.11.2018

Visual Communicator 

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      Artist Statement

      Visual Communicator 

      My unique form of street photography is a consequence of frequenting bus stops and shelters around the City of Birmingham. Graffiti can be great art, however for  the etched, scrawled and scratched graffiti into the plexiglass windows of the bus stop feels like a violation. like a poke in the eye, I have  yet to see any of these etchings that looks great in their own right. The graffiti etched and scrawled in the bus stop windows seem to be expressions of frustration, anger, love or hate written into the plexiglass. However, unlike it’s cousin the more colourful graffiti that is emblazoned across the walls of buildings and is often seen as art, it is very mundane. I feel a windows full potential as a clear barrier between yourself and the elements is compromised when the view beyond is obscured, distorted and blurred by the scratches. I  uses the graffiti etched windows as a lens. I  merge the graffiti and the view beyond, focusing his camera on the etched lines, putting  the view beyond out of focus.  The graffiti and view to merge into a single plane. I  creates a new perspective that retains and emphasises the energy of the graffiti. Its swirls, zigzags, lines and curves, slash across the abstracted view like paint strokes. At first glance the  photos can be mistaken for abstract paintings. Then closer inspection reveals they are in fact photographs. The subject matter that is out of focus is also fairly mundane. Often when waiting for a bus the view is not particularly exciting. The human activity I  prefer  to capture the not so dramatic activities . When combined with the mundane graffiti and the mundane view it adds to my desire to create an image that ordinarily would be uninteresting or unnoticed. Even the tile of each work is mundane, the descriptions of each photograph are also very droll.

      The word photography comes from Greek photos which means ‘light’ and graphé ‘drawing’ roughly the meaning is drawing with light. feel the way I use the camera for this project is like painting with light.I  break  the rules for getting a traditional photograph. I  put the view that is usually the focal point out of focus. I  then focuses on what would normally be avoided. However, the resulting images are very dynamic and often vibrant. There is a metamorphosis, the mundane graffiti and the often-mundane view are merged into a fresh new image. I am  attracted to the paradox that my work invokes.I  love the images I produce however, I doesn't condone the vandalising of the bus stop windows that provides the lens for my work. My Bus Stop series is a unique approach to photography. Bus Stop brings the current social issue of a specific form of vandalism to the fore. It is a product of modern vandalism. Vandalism that has found the Plexiglass windows of bus shelters an ideal medium to express feelings. Although my work has so far been derived from the city of Birmingham it is an issue familiar to the many people of all ages who travel by bus in urban and rural settings across the UK. My photography challenges people to look at the issue vandalism. From the protagonists to the observers of their markings. It also challenges people to see the potential beauty in mundanity.

      Through studying my MA I have drawn on a wide range of mediums that encapsulate this concept. 

      CV & Education



      The Other Art Fair Bristol 2018


      The London Group Annual Open 2017

      The Cello Factory
      33-34 Cornwall Road
      London SE1 8TJ

      8th - 17th November 2017


      RWA Annual Open Exhibition 2017

      1st  October - 3rd of December 2017 


       It’s Art Call 2017

      18 -26th August. Group Exhibition (Selected Artists) The Cult House. D Contemporary  Mayfair London. 


      The Orangery Gallery

      Minley Manor, Surrey. Private party, three artists exhibition.

      22nd July 2017.



      London International Art Competition

      30th May – 9th June 2017 HLS Gallery.


      Tokyo International Art Fair

      26th -27th May 2017


      Bramante Halls Rome Italy  

      26th -29th May 2017


      Museu Europeu d'Art Modern  

      Barcelona - April 5th -7th 2017


      London Art Biennale

      Chelsea Old Town Hall March 29th- April 2nd 2017



      Awards and recocognition


      International Photographer of the Year 2017 Honorable Mention

       World Street Photography Awards 2016  Special Mention





      These are some of the main news, magazine and blogs that have featured my work.

      ARTICULATE Magazine July 2017


      Flux Magazine 15th March 2017

      BBC WM  March 3rd  Interview with Adrian Goldberg 

      ITV News 1st March 2017


      BBC News 22nd February 2017


      Format Magazine 16th February 2017


      HEKKTA 11th February 2017


      The Style Vibe 2nd February 2017


      Creative Boom 31st January 2017










      2017 - 018 

      MA Visual Communication (with distinction)




      Art ‘O’ Level Grade ‘A’

      Alderbrook School Solihull



      References are available upon request.