Approved: 03.07.2015

Stephen Buckeridge

Artist, Teacher

Approved: 03.07.2015
  • Location: London



    Artist Statement


    The Definition of the line in my work is one that is nonrepresentational yet forms a boundary or contour beyond which something is defined, one can make connections with the visualization of the forms and marks which occupy a fractured space, and while some forms suggest biological or architectural structures that inhabit our world, their purpose is to open further invention and to invite imaginative contradictions. I am inspired by architectural and organic structures which refer to past experiences ranging from working in operating theatres to labouring on industrial sites.  Some of the works resemble hybrid specimens that form connections between supremacist constructions and surreal biological forms, which in their own way are presented in a kind of imagined geography. In my work I explore a spatial environment where biological forms can coexist with structures that refer to architectural or engineering plans (I have childhood recollections which recalls my father’s drawings of fuel systems for Concorde). The work forms a bridge between worlds past, present and digital. These experiences are presented as a personal code, where memories and visual experiences are defined by discordant spatial relationships and marks that resonate like personal signs. These recollections are layered, and jostle and float through different spaces forming surreal juxtapositions. Lines suggest routes, boundaries between one space and another, reassessing our relationship with the micro and macroscopic world. Recent work presents a more physical presence, the papers suggests a thick skin or hide and reference Mbuti drawings on bark. Marks are etched, sprayed, scribbled,  and structures and forms are cut and collaged emphasising a displaced space, the physicality of the surface offers a different response to our relationship with materials, where like the forms, different combinations of graphic materials, spray paint, ink and acrylic vie for our attention and both connect and disconnect from our physical world. This disconnectedness presents a way to question the world in which we inhabit and to understand the relationships between traditional mark-making, a contemporary understanding of images and our perceptions of reality.

    CV & Education

    Currently Head of Art at Queen Elizabeth's Boys School, Barnet. (26 years)


    2005 MA with Distinction in Fine Art and Theory (Painting), Middlesex University.

    Selected Exhibitions


    ‘A Road Not Taken’ (curated by Terry Greene and Stephen Buckeridge), The Crypt, 

    St Marleybone Parish Church, London

    SFSA Drawing Open’, No Format Gallery, London

    Testing 1>2 2018, (curated by John Bunker) Unit 3 Projects, London

    ‘This Years Model’, Studio 1.1, London


    The London Group Open 2017, The Cello Gallery London

    ‘Small World’, PS Mirabel, Manchester

    Painting [now], Studio One Gallery, London

    Testing 1:2, 1:2, 1:2 (curated by John Bunker) Unit 3 Projects, London

    In/Expression (with Karl Beilik and Lorraine Robbins). Studio 1.1 London


    'Looking Forward' Studio 1.1 London

    Oxford Art Week, Braziers Park, Oxford

    'Art Converters' Studio 1.1, London 


    The TIAF  (The Independent Art Fair) London 

    The Griffin Open’  (selected by Ian Davenport) The Griffin Gallery, London

    ‘Conference of Birds’ I’Lectrik Artspace, London

    ‘Let the Grass Roots Grow (curated by Ronan Bowes), A-Side B- Side Gallery, London

    ‘Art Converters’ Studio 1.1, London

    ‘This Years Model’ Studio 1.1, London


    ‘Shooting from the Hip’, Centrespace, Bristol

    ‘Art Converters’, Studio 1.1, London

    ‘This Year’s Model’ Studio 1.1, London


    ‘Tumbleweed,’ the Searchers Gallery, Bristol     

    ‘The Ludlow Open’, (Selected by Christopher Le Brun) Ludlow

     ‘This Year’s Model’ Studio 1.1, London


    ‘Ground Control’ (in association, Elements Art Space, Bath

    Objects of Desire 2’, the Searchers Gallery, Bristol     

    ‘Objects of Desire’, Centrespace, Bristol

    ‘Surface 2’, the Crypt Gallery, London

    Koukan Gallery, London (solo show)

    Open Studios, Euroart studios, London


    Artworks 2011 (Commended Artist) Barbican Arts Group Trust, Blackhorse Lane, London

    Surface’ the Crypt Gallery, London

    Parallax International Art Fair, London

    Open Studios, Euroart studios, London