The Nihilists was a series of outdoor installations which generated electricity in order to illuminate their futility. The work was premiered at a one day event which took place at dusk in July 2011, on the Sugar Loaf mountain near Abergavenny, South Wales.

The event comprised two new sculptural works: a group of handmade wind turbines which live on a hill. At dusk the electricity generated by the turbines illuminates a sign. The message pulses as the wind picks up; in a gully nearby a solitary water turbine straddles a stream. The turbine powers a sign. The sign is both a homage to Malcolm Mclaren and a flow guage – a visual display of the stream’s rate of flow.

The event also included a performance by Team Sports (Matthew Lovett, Jimmy Ottley & Ian Watson). Team Sports explore the relationship between musicians and their surroundings. Using the physical environment as a musical score, the group respond to sounds, visual stimuli, and other environmental occurrences to create a piece that engages with all aspects of the sound continuum.