Approved: 02.06.2015

Sophie Arup

Artist, Digital designer, Maker, Technician

Approved: 02.06.2015

Artist Statement

I trained as a Structural Engineer before taking a degree in sculpture. I work with many different materials, from steel to folded paper and wire. My sculptures are often composed of countless intricate elements, which start off small but then grow and repeat like fractal patterns. They invite you to contemplate both infinity and minute detail at the same time. I am intrigued by mathematical patterns and natural progressions, and try to bring together my engineering perspective and my more naturally intuitive approach to art.

In recent years I have made a series of collages, sticking thousands of small pieces of paper onto boards. While these works are based on a strict rules and mathematical formulas they are laboriously made by hand and are full of small imperfections and wobbly lines. It is this combination of the perfect form and the imperfection of the materials and workmanship that elevates my work beyond a digital exercise.

CV & Education

Born        12.09.60

1979-1982    University College London, BSc(eng) Civil Engineering

1986-1990    Camberwell College of Art, BA Fine Art

1993        Flesh and Blood, The Storey Institute, Lancaster
1995        The Third Dimension, Coopers and Lybrand, London
1996        Engineering Art, Swan Hunter Canteen Building, Wallsend
2006        Paperworks exhibition, Bury Art Gallery, Bury
2012        International Paper Biennial Rijswijk, Museum Rijswijk, Holland
2013        Carte Blanche, London Print Studio
2014        Sisters, Cole Gallery, London

1990        Olympia and York, London
1995        The Bodyshop, The Louvre, Paris
1995        Coopers and Lybrand, London
1997        The Bodyshop, Oxford Street, London
1997        Roof Terrace Sculpture, London
2003        Price and Myers, London
2006        Giant Group, London
2006        Dining As Art, Los Angeles