The Human had been introduced to frogs by a friend, who was obsessed by them, by their abilities to transform, adapt and survive. Frogs can move between heightened camouflage, textures, bodily mass, and expressive, celebratory colour, particularly intrigued The Human. The Human yearned to hug, to embrace and see other perspectives. The alter-ego gives Simon/The Human free reign, to play, to roam and action whatever they desire, to act in whatever way they feel. The Human learns from the frog and gains confidence from this, allowing for both realities to merge and be celebrated, in the hope of passing this on to other humans and breaking rules. Although frogs/amphibians global decline is concerning, they have ‘weather many pathological storms in the past’ (RSPB Frogs and Toads, 2019). Over many millions of years, they have evolved a suite of skin secretions to kill and eradicate invading pathogens and some of those defences may be of use to humanity. Secretion produced by frogs and toads to regulate (akin to testosterone gel for Simon/The Human) and maintain their skin, from antibacterial qualities. 'The Frog' examines prosopopoeia, the rhetorical device in which a performer, speaker or writer communicates by performing and singing as another person, or an animal, or an inanimate object.

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