Location: PAPER, Manchester

Anna Barriball / Tom Baskeyfield / Jack Brown / Layla Curtis / Gerry Davies
Hondartza Fraga / Jenny Steele / James Steventon / Simon Woolham

Exhibition dates: 20 May – 24 June 2017
Private View: Thursday 18 May 2017, 6-9pm

‘Space is the product of interrelations; thus we must recognise space as constituted through interactions, from the immensity of the global to the intimately tiny. Space is the sphere of the possibility of the existence of multiplicity; Space is always under construction; it is always in the process of being made. It is never finished; never closed.’ (Doreen Massey 2005)

The exhibition, for space, brings together a group of artists who emphasise and consider the exploration and excavation of space through various approaches to drawing. For each individual artist, drawing is processed through encountering, researching, and engaging with architecture and objects in the physical and virtual realms. Their works address the textural, sensory, and durational nature of psychological space, as well as the historical recording of plotted space. The exhibition also reflects on the social geographer, Doreen Massey’s seminal publication for space (2005), in relation to changing our perceptions of space and the importance of space as ‘the dimension of things being, existing at the same time: of simultaneity.’ (Massey 2005)