The Great War that began in August 1914 and concluded with the armistice of the autumn 1918 is one of the most edifying conflicts within memory. This artists multiple proposal is modelled on the ‘female’ version of the British land ship, the MK1 tank which first saw action in 1916. This contemporary piece is inspired by the Goss bone china produced by the Falcon Pottery (Stoke-on-Trent) in the early Twentieth Century.

In 2013 (with support from Arts Council England) I undertook a period of research and development in Stoke-on-Trent. With the support of Stafford University and working with several skilled artisans we produced several bone china prototypes. It was a natural decision that I felt that the bone china tanks should be made in the home of crested china.
Ghost will be produced as two distinct versions:

Version 1 I call a museum edition, this will consist of 15 bone china tanks each with hand painted poppies. Each tank will have a gold back stamp. The tank will sit upon an acrylic roundel (20cm in diameter), this has been laser etched with a barbed wire design. The idea is that each tank, the roundel and a detailed booklet will be housed in a wooden box (made by a craftsman). It is this version that I seek to have placed in museum collections.

Version 2 would be made in an edition of 250. This tank is unmarked and will have a cobalt blue back stamp. This will be packaged in a simple matchbox type box.

  • Dimensions: 11 (L) X 4.5 (W) X 3 (H)
  • Contexts: Project
  • Artforms: Ceramics
  • Tags: Ceramic, WW1, Multiple