These shapes…these forms, these objects of possibility are yet more Speaking in Tongues compositions…This sculpture, soft, malleable, and error ridden unhurriedly transforms into a hard, error ridden object…an object thrown to be thrown away…however a few of these works remain, several have been turned into pots…I call them pots (ceramic ware) because their foundation has been altered; changed and redefined by an act of firing…they have become stable.

This pairing shall remain unstable…I may reuse the clay for a future SiT work…or possibly I may consider the possibility that this will be all the clay I will use in future SiT’s…but this is speculating the future…more work for thee to do.

Additional images - The Cocktail Hour / Satsuma Ware (article 104) / Funny Ha Ha / Satsuma ware (article 104-fragmentation) All works 2013