Simon Hitchens


Approved: 16.08.2006

In my studio practice I investigate the essence of things we perceive: the physical, natural world and our place within it.  I seek to understand the sublime qualities of rock: physically as the very earth that supports us and geologically as the almost ageless constant that resonates through time, giving perspective to our transient lives on this planet.  As a climber I have a direct and intimate relationship with rock and the elemental; it is this link with physical world, which allows me a way in to understanding the nature of being, which I am exploring through my work.  I’m interested by the interconnectedness between the human and the non-human, what passes and what outlasts, not just a surface reading but also an understanding of the rock’s interior, our interior and the hidden depth of things.  The work explores differences between the animate the inanimate, the uncanny nature of internal spaces, which are often sacred and personal, in an attempt to better understand the self. 

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