Sophie Victor Greene was a Chicago-born artist who trained at the Pennsylvania Academy between 1922 and 1924. On the advice of Earl Horter, one of Philadelphia’s leading modernists, she went to Paris in 1924. She quickly became part of the artistic circle of Dadaists and Surrealists who frequented the cafes and studios of the Montparnasse district. Among her friends were the American photographers Man Ray and Bernice Abbott, as well as artists such as Ossip Zadkine and Georges Braque, and others in the literary avant garde. She also met her future husband Stephen Greene. With the exception of the years of World War II, they spent the rest of their lives in Paris.

Extract taken from The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

I work with the past to make sense of the future. We are the subject of stories the moment we leave this earth.

'Those who've left us aren't absent, they're invisible......................
Saint Augustine 354 - 430