My piece ‘Lodz Blouse Trilogy’ presents a distinct landscape for textiles, provoking new insights and cognisance of the clothes we wear, what of us is left behind in them and how can this be perceived, read and interpreted; the omnipresence of cloth and its mnemonic trace is key.

The installation ‘Lodz Blouse Trilogy’ develops rigorous investigation into cloth and memory alongside pioneering new dye-sublimation techniques. It is distinctive in the marriage of cutting-edge scientific discovery communicated through innovative digital/analogue textiles. The essay presents medical and forensic evidence alongside her artistic practice establishing a case for its originality.

(2018) Looking beyond the warp and weft: unpicking latent narratives in clothing. Textile: cloth and culture, 16 (3). pp. 320-332. ISSN 1475-9756 (Print); 1751-8350 (Online)