I work across mediums in photography, film, and collage. Of interest are particular moments in time, location, architecture and space. I am submitting a work titled Madame Boussieux Looks (‘the Belgrade I love’ 2019) which brings together 10 framed A4 images on paper with pencil, and a digital film, 1 min 42 sec (loop) silent projected on a monitor in an adjacent space. The work begins with a found publication ‘The Belgrade I Love’ (1980) and a specific photograph by Ivo Eterovici of The Moscow Bolshoi Theatre performing Swan Lake at the famous Sava Congressional Centre in Belgrade which I photocopied x 10 in blue ink. These A4 photocopies also contain marks with HB pencil. They are to be framed and presented in sequence on the gallery wall. I was focused on a self-reflective response in my act of looking at the photograph as it is repeated which I hope to convey in the installation. The animated digital film makes the transition from still to the imagined space of the moving image bringing the ballet dancers from the photograph to life. On a formal level, I am interested in repetition, in the moving image as it is formed and in looping of film sequences.