Within the context of shifting ownership, creeping gentrification and the many traces of short lived occupancy, artist Sharon Haward has created PEEK in the heart of St Leonards on Sea.

The Space, a few minutes walk from Warrior Square Station, has been run by curator Christine Gist for 4 years. “Sharon’s project is the first in the 2016 series of artists’ installations and events which will transform the site through October. We hope this dramatic work will be enjoyed by the local community and passers-by who discover Haward’s installation.”

“Our sense of home is reinforced by our ability to look out of the window at the garden or the street. To see and be seen or peek out, unseen. In the context of this site, the curtains here flee their passive role as mediators between inside and outside, they are set free to animate and transform the everyday reality of The SPACE, inviting an expanded reading of the site.”

A local resident noted “It's brilliant, I can see it from my flat and I've been mesmerised by it's continual movement.”

IDEAS: site-responsive, intervention, public space, unruly objects,
MATERIALS: net, steel cable, scaffolding poles
PROCESSES: installing, construction, sewing
FORMS: floating, drifting, blowing, twirling