Interactive wood, resin and magnetic Sculpture
Commissioned by Chapel Street Primary School, Manchester, for the Early Years Playground.
New Collaboration between Sharon Campbell and Rachel Ramchurn

Working through an engagement process with young children in a primary schools Reception and Nursery class the Artists created an interactive sculpture that is installed permanently within the Early Years Playground.
Specific remit of the school to develop an art work that could develop language through creative play.
The Sculpture is made from a large trunk of wood, chain-sawed, carved and hand sanded with inserted metal bolts, holding magnetic clear resin treasures which encapsulate children’s treasures, and a special carved pocket for the treasures to sit in.
“I can only write about Sharon’s and Rachel’s work in the highest possible terms. The work proved to be excellent value for money in terms of both process and outcome. I am delighted to recommend these artists extremely highly and without reservation. They are both very talented, resourceful and lateral-thinking practitioners, who bring exceptionally high levels of skill to their work with children.”
Jonathan Power Head Teacher Chapel Street Primary School (retired).