Following an open poetry competition, local Manchester poet Mike Duff’s ‘A Poem for Manchester’ was selected to be integrated into a new public art work by Sharon Campbell and Lauren Sagar, sited at Piccadilly Place, Manchester. Entitled Poetry Discs this was a commission from property developers Argent, the Piccadilly Partnership and Arts & Business.
Working with a copper-wheel hand engraver the poem was cut, then polished into seven blue dichroic glass discs, which are set in a row on a black granite wall. The line of text follows the journey of a worker bee (seen on each disc), the city of Manchester symbol of industry and hard work. The mirrored characteristics of dark green-blue glass discs reflect differently depending on quality of light, time of day, the weather and the season. Creating a great setting for a poem, which speaks of diversity, difference and acceptance in Manchester.

This work has embedded itself into the iconography of Manchester: city dwellers, visitors and commuters take photographs of themselves alongside the discs, as a symbol and sign of being in Manchester. Sharon Campbell and Lauren Sagar were motivated to make artwork that resonates strongly with all those in the city, work that builds a sense of identity and place.

"The artwork is fantastic and something which is set out from all of our other developments".
From Argent to Arts & Business