Approved: 27.02.2012

Shaeron Caton-Rose

Artist, Community worker

Approved: 27.02.2012

Artist Statement

My practice concerns the stories we tell ourselves in society, through popular culture, via folklore and religion. I am interested in exploring the metanarratives that run across all traditions but which still impact on our lives now. I like to compare personal experiences against such ‘truths’ and examine the relationship between each reality. I am also concerned with the big issues of justice and equality and this has an impact on the social landscape I place my works in.

I work in installation, printmaking, textiles, artist’s books and community collaboration. I often invite participation from non-artists either as part of the process of making the artworks, or via an interactive element in the finished piece, or both. I am really keen on hearing the voices of those who often do not have a voice and so have worked extensively not only with the ‘general public’ via non gallery interventions but also with marginalised groups such as women, the elderly, refugees and drug abusers via focused workshops and creative sessions. I guess I fall between the two traditional descriptors of ‘community artist’ and ‘fine artist’: I want to work with people but as part of the development of my own artworks, and with my own agenda with regards to visual rigour; yet allowing their input to shape what the artwork is.

A good example of this was the piece Glossary that I made with adults with a disability. I invited them to make artist’s books using a well-known expression from the English language which references disability (such as ‘none so blind as those who cant see’). I enabled them to realise these books with practical hands on help, but the ideas were their own. I then made my own artist’s books, one for one, in response to these pieces and the experience of working with each person. The term Glossary was deliberate, referencing the use of a Glossary to inform and asking whether we need to look at those that society marginalises to understand society itself. The term ‘glossing over’ also brings into focus the question of our attitudes to disability. The books were shown as part of Saltaire Arts Trail 2015 and provoked some very interesting responses and conversations from the general public.

I am always interested in working with groups in this way so please contact me if this approach interests you.

CV & Education


May 2016                                            And Did Those Feet St Edmunds Church Leeds

May 2016                                            Flock St Stephen’s Church Bradford

November 2105                                  Ordinary Time Community of the Resurrection Mirfield

October 2015                                      Tears of the Angels Leeds Light Night

August 2014                                       Sticks & Stones Greenbelt Festival

October 2013                                     Exhibition for Beginners Bradford Playhouse

June 2013                                          Round Table, Fieldworks Gallery II Bradford 

October 2013                                     Exhibition for Beginners Bradford Playhouse

June 2013                                          Round Table, Fieldworks Gallery II Bradford 

April 2010                                            Sticks and Stones York Minster

March 2010                                        Cabinet of Curiosities Leeds Book Fair

December 2009                                 Salutation Wallspace, London

December 2009                                 Advent Leftbank, Leeds

March 2008                                        Transform with Katie Jones, Delius Centre, Bradford

February 2008                                    Mend Doncaster Minster

Nov 2007                                            Colourblind with Tehmina Shah, South Square Gallery

October 2007                                      Wayside Shrine Light Night, Leeds


2016                                                    Artist in Residence, Iona Community, Argyll Scotland

2016                                                    Artist in Residence, Shine Charity, Bradford

2015                                                    Artist in Residence, Community of the Resurrection

2014 to present                                  Art Instructor, Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre