'Remembrance'- Mapping Bones 5 was a drawing performance work performed at 'Draw To Perform' day of performances and workshops at Exeter Street Hall, Brighton, UK on 27th October 2019.

The performance also involved a collaboration with musicians Ade Southey and Al Strachan improvising to respond to the drawing.

The drawing performance is also in remembrance of my friend and dance tag-team of twenty-years who tragically passed away in August 2019. The poem was written following this tragedy:


An embrace of a memory.
A gilt-handled casket,
Or golden urn.
It’s not bones we bury or burn.

The tug-of-war tween birth and death,
A snapped umbilical
Unwound, undone, tied and re-hung.


The final drawing - marker pen on perspex is for sale.