Location: DIE FÄRBEREI, 25 Claude-Lorrain-Strasse, 81543 Munich, Germany

I have been invited, along with two colleagues from Birmingham (Iris Bertz and Ben Waddington of 'Still Walking') to participate in 'Mapping Birmingham' a group exhibition by Munich-based group connect 48/11. This will be my first invitation to exhibit internationally.

I will be performing a foot-drawing at the opening night on 5th April 2019 and conducting a foot-drawing tour 'Shoe-B-do' on Sunday morning 7th April 2019. A print of my foot drawing of St Martins Church and the Bull Ring, Birmingham (2012) will be exhibited in the show. (see https://www.itv.com/news/central/story/2012-12-11/bullring-painted-with-feet/ )

The Munich group visited Birmingham last year and the exhibition 'Mapping Birmingham' is a result of their research. I was part of a Birmingham 'Still Walking' walking tour with the group on their visit last year.

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