As artist in residence at Brantwood through 2018-19, I drew Ruskin’s belongings in preparation for an exhibition to open the 2019 Ruskin bicentenary celebrations. The aim was to apply Ruskin’s ethos of close attention through drawing to study his own personal possessions. For Ruskin drawing is a way to better see and understand the world. It helps us to notice, the first step towards action.

This drawing is made of wax, by a process of scoring the paper. As such, it is ephemeral and subject to change as the environment around it changes, for instance if it gets too hot it will melt . I see this precarious existence as a wider metaphor that reminds us we live in flux. The drawings have a spectral presence recalling the past but also gesturing to the uncertainly of the future and the delicate balance in which it hangs.

This is one of a series of drawings exhibited in Ruskin's Good Looking at Brantwood, February - April 2019. A catalogue accompanies the show.