Location: The Blyth Gallery, Imperial College, London

This event explores the provocations behind the exhibition ‘Dark Matters: Our Imperceptible Universe’, a series of new drawings on display in the Blyth Gallery and in the Centre for Languages Culture and Communication at Imperial College London (South Kensington Campus).
The event is led by Dr Sarah Casey, the artist involved in the project ‘ Dark Matters’, and Dr Roberto Trotta, astrophysicist at Imperial College London and author of the award-winning book "The Edge of The Sky".
The event includes the screening of a 15-minute documentary film about a collaborative project involving an artist (Dr Sarah Casey), an anthropologist (Dr Rebecca Ellis) and a cosmologist (Dr Kostas Dimopoulos) which questions our relationship to the curious and terrifying imperceptible forces shaping our universe. What does it feel like to sense deep time or see the light fossils of activity that happened 13 billion years ago?
The film is followed by talks by Roberto Trotta and Sarah Casey, and a Q&A with the public. All those attending the talks and screening are invited to attend the public opening reception of the exhibition,‘Dark Matters: Our Imperceptible Universe’ in the Blyth Gallery nearby.

This is event is part of the Being Human festival 2016 the UK's festival of humanties research