Approved: 16.08.2012

Sarah Casey

Artist, Researcher

Approved: 16.08.2012

I am primarily engaged in making drawings which test the limits of visibility and material existence. My delicate and elusive drawings of garments ask: at what point does visibility disappear and drawing become immaterial? My practice reflects a fascination with the unseen, untouchable and unspoken in human encounters. The works seek to taunt or tease the viewer with an allure of intimacies offered,

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    Artist Statement

    I am primarily engaged in making drawings which test the limits of visibility and material existence. My delicate and elusive drawings of garments ask: at what point does visibility disappear and drawing become immaterial? My practice reflects a fascination with the unseen, untouchable and unspoken in human encounters. The works seek to taunt or tease the viewer with an allure of intimacies offered, yet denied. Drawing is a means of exploring what it means to see, touch and feel experiences on the edge of our grasp. Notebooks and fieldwork are an important element of my practice. Over the past three years I have been attempting to draw in different challenging environments, working alongside archaeologists, medical practitioners and conservators to see what the activity of drawing may share with these other practices that must negotiate the delicate to reveal the unseen. An example of this is work made in response to visits to the dress collections at Kensington Palace, where I have been working with their curators to observe how intimate items of underwear are stored, handled and viewed. In the emerging work, the drawn mark manifests some of the curatorial concerns around these objects, specifically the potential for care and destruction latent in human touch. For instance some of these drawings are made in wax with the pressure of touch alone, so like the collections' objects, are sensitive to their environmental conditions. If they get too hot, or are exposed to too much sunlight, they will simply fade away.

    CV & Education

    Qualifications and training

    2012 - PhD Fine Art , Lancaster University, Lancaster

    2007 - MA Fine Art (distinction), Lancaster University


    Solo exhibitions

    2019 - Absent Presence- A wedding Dress and the drawings of Sarah Casey, MLC Centre, Ryerson University Toronto

    2019 - Ruskin's Good Looking , Brantwood , Coniston, Cumbria

    2016- Our Imperceptible Universe, Blyth Gallery, London

    2015- Dark Matters: Our Imperceptible Universe, Peter Scott gallery, Lancaster

    2015- Common Grounds: Lace Drawn From the Everyday, The Bowes Museum, County Durham.

    2013 - Hidden Drawers, Kensington Palace, London

    2012 - Drawing the Delicate, Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster

    2010 - Glimpses, Roadside Attractions Gallery, Toronto

    2008 - Godiva Chronicles, Glassbox Gallery, Coventry


    Group exhibitions

    2019-20 Museum of the Near Future, Ruskin Library and Reserach Centre, Lancaster, UK

    2019 - From Devils Darkness, Manchester Metropolitan University Special Collections, UK

    2018 You and I are Continuous Beings, Birmingham City University, Birmingham

    2017 The Nth Degree, Foundry Arts Center, Missouri, USA

    2017 Brink Open, Brink, London

    2015 Paper, table wall and after, University of the Arts Taipei, Taiwan

    2015 Drawing Conversations, Coventry University, Coventry, UK 

    2015 - Beyond Perception, The University of Aberdeen, UK 

    2014- The Jerwood Drawing Prize 2014, Jerwood Space, London and touring

    2013 - Open Drawing , Salisbury Arts Centre, Salisbury

    2013 - Darkness at the Edge, Propeller Visual Arts Centre, Toronto

    2013 - Sketch 2013: Open Sketchbook Drawing Prize, Rabley Drawing Centre and touring, Marlborough, UK

    2013 - Surfaces in The Making, The Storey , Lancaster

    2011 - Sketch Drawing Prize 2011, Rabley Drawing Centre, Marlborough, UK

    2010 - Box of Desires, Centre for Recent Drawing, London

    2010 - Here Today Gone Tomorrow, Fringe, Bath, UK

    2010 - Open Drawing, Centrespace Gallery, Bristol

    2010 - Paperworks 3, Bury Museum and Art Gallery, Bury, UK

    2010 - The Middle of Nowhere, Departure Gallery, London

    2010 - The Moment of Privacy Has Passed, Usher Gallery, Lincoln

    2009 - 5th International Drawing Biennale, Melbourne, Australia and touring 2009 - A Things About Machines, Herbert Gallery, Coventry

    2009 - The Art of Research, Taik, University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland

    2009 - Unfolding, Chapel Gallery, Ormskirk, UK



    2014 Shortlisted Jerwood Drawing Prize 2014
    2009 Public Award: 5th International Drawing Biennale, Melbourne, Australia



    2020 Casey, S. and Davies, G. Drawing Investigations: Graphic Relationships with Science, Culture and Environment (London & New York: Bloomsbury).

    Journal Articles

    2017 Casey, S, 'Book Review of "What do Drawing and Painting Really Mean?" by Paul Crowther' in Journal of Visual Arts Practice 

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    Book Chapters

    2018 Casey, S. & Davies G., 'Drawing Out The Mute: Speaking Through Drawing' in Gorrill, H. and Journaux, J. (eds.) Drawing Conversations: Collective and Collaborative Drawing in Contemporary Practice (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars)

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    2011 Casey, S., ‘Across the White Expanse’ in Arctic Dialogues: Conversations between Art and Science ed. by Jane Rushton and Crispin Hallsall (Lancaster: Lancaster University, 2010) pp.8-11


    Conference Papers

    ?2018 'Touching and Tracing: The Peculiar Sensibility of Drawing in the Textiles Archive' Art Materiality and Representation, British Museum, London, 1-3 June 2018

    2017 'Drawing the Dress Collection: An artists perspective' at Cloth Cultures: Future Legacies of Dorothy K. Burnham, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, 10-12 November 2017.

    2017 'Hidden Drawers: a case study in drawing royal underwear' at The Space Between: Body-Psyche-Skin-Environment, Royal College of Art, February 3rd 2017.

    2016 'Drawing and the Depictive Turn’ European Association for the study of Science & Technology (EASST) Barcelona 31 August -3rd Sept 2016. 

    2015 ‘Shared Sensibilities: Drawing in partnership with other fields of enquiry’ at Drawing Research Network Conference 2015 (Coventry: Coventry University) 4th December 2015

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    2010 ‘Drawing the Delicate’ Drawing Research Network Conference 2010: Observation, Mapping, Dialogue, University of Brighton, UK, October 2010.

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    2009 ‘Drawing Delicate Connections’, Interrogations: Creative Interdisciplinarity in Art & Design Research, Loughborough University, UK, June 2009.


    Funding awards

    2018 Being Human Festival

    2017 Arts Council England and British Council Artist's International Development Award

    2016 Being Human Festival Award

    2015 Institute of Physics Public Engagement Award

    2015 Lancaster University FASS Impact and Knowledge Exchange Award
    2014 AHRC Science in Culture innovation award (CO-I , Rebecca Ellis - PI)
    2014 Lancaster University Small Grant Award for Common Grounds
    2011 Lancaster University Small Grant Award for Hidden Drawers 
    2009 Peel Scholarship Award
    2009 Student Prize: AHRC Interrogations Conference