Commission for: L'AndArt_Andorra Biennale 2019.

Materials: transparent nylon fabric, soil, seed, small local trees & clay pots, a dead tree,

Artist Statement: this indoor/outdoor site responsive intervention offers a memorial intervention focusing on the vital role trees provide in maintaining and balancing our planet’s health. The installation occupies both the interior of an abandoned kitchen building, with smoke charred walls, and the exterior of the stone building which was encased in a tightly fitting transparent fabric jacket.

This installation highlights the problems caused by deforestation emphasising the impacts of loosing each individual tree. Kidall shares the idea that Peter Wohlleben expounds in his book The Hidden Life of Trees (2016): forests are “superorganisms” in which trees live as an interconnected organism, similar to the social networks of ant colonies. When in need, the individuals help each other.
This work offers a sense of hope and support with the four trees holding vigil for their fallen companion within this domestic setting, reminiscent to a wake.