Approved: 05.01.2018

Ruth Singer

Artist, Consultant, Project manager, Teacher, Writer

Approved: 05.01.2018

My practice is mainly studio-based, working on exhibitions and funded projects as well as collaborations and commissions. I established my practice in 2005 after 8 years in the museum sector and have combined my work with teaching, writing and consultancy work. 

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    Artist Statement

    My practice is mainly studio-based, working on exhibitions and funded projects as well as collaborations and commissions. I established my practice in 2005 after 8 years in the museum sector and have combined my work with teaching, writing and consultancy work. 

    Residencies and funded projects allow me to explore new ideas, develop new bodies of work and engage in deep relationships with the source materials. I often work with heritage and my work draws heavily on my first career in museums. I am fascinated by material culture, history and the power of objects in human lives. In my work I aim to explore  and illuminate narrative and places as well as how we respond to and interact with objects and materials in our daily lives, the traces and stories we leave behind. I work predominantly with hand stitch and textile exploring ideas including hidden stories, creating visual records of ephemeral experiences, stains and marks, change and decay as well as intensely personal and emotive stories around loss and remembrance. 

    I work mainly with old cloth, found objects, thread and natural materials which I combine with hand stitch, natural dye, quilting, appliqué and mixed media. I work in series or groups of work in response to research and my practice encompasses hangings, quilts, small objects and installations which all have distinctive feel of preciousness and delicacy created with the combination of hand stitch, fragile fabrics and emotive subject matter. I am currently working on several residencies and exhibition projects and hope to expand my portfolio to include public art and more commissions.

    CV & Education



    Selected exhibitions

    2019        Textile Traces: Personal Stories in Cloth. Solo exhibition at Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre.

    2018-19    Criminal Quilts, solo exhibition launched at Festival of Quilts 2018 and touring

    2018        Emotional Repair, solo exhibition at Gawthorpe Hall Textile Collection, Lancashire. 

    2017-18    Process: Visualising DNA. Showcase of joint artist residency in Genetics at Leicester             University and 44AD Gallery, Bath.

    2017        ‘Fragments’ solo exhibition, Quilt Association at Minerva Art Centre

    2016-2018    ‘Made in the Middle’ collaboration with Bethany Walker, curated by Craftspace

    2016        Fine Art Quilt Masters competition,  Festival of Quilts - winner

    2015-16    ‘Narrative Threads’ solo exhibition at the National Centre for Craft & Design

    2006-2016     Group exhibitions including: Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre, National Centre for                 Craft & Design, Shire Hall Gallery, Unit Twelve, Origin (Crafts Council), Textile Art                 Centre New York, Cheongui Craft Biennial Korea, University of Leicester



    Museum collections & public art

    2019        ‘Repeat Offender’ purchased by Brampton Museum, Staffordshire

    2018        ‘Memorial Sampler’ purchased by Gawthorpe Textiles Collection    

    2016         Urban Growth installation (with Bethany Walker) Makers’ Yard, Leicester

    2015         Centenary Quilt for Harefield Hospital NHS Trust 

    2013         Court Hands purchased by Staffordshire Arts & Museums Service for permanent                 display in Shire Hall. Now in Staffordshire Records Office



    Awards & commendations

    2019        ‘The Artist’ Prize at Leicester Society of Artists annual exhibition

    2017         Fringe Arts Bath solo exhibition prize with Gillian McFarland 

    2016         ‘One to Watch’ prize with Bethany Walker of at Made in the Middle

    2016         Winner of the Fine Art Quilt Masters competition, Festival of Quilts

    2012         Craftspace Prize, Unit Twelve Contemporary Craft Open

    2012         Winner of Haymarket Big Idea competition 

    2006         Springboard at Origin; Crafts Council selected new makers showcase



    2019        Commissions for Newbold Verdon Library for Libraries Live

    2015         Centenary Quilt Harefield Hospital NHS Trust

    2012         Shire Hall Gallery. Court Hands series of miniature quilts 

    2009         Derby Museums. Figures of Africa exhibition




    2018-19    Newbold Verdon Library for Leicestershire County Council / Libraries Live

    2017-18     Criminal Quilts, Staffordshire Records Office & University of Wolverhampton

    2017        Genetics Department, Leicester University

    2015         The National Centre for Craft & Design 

    2007         Bilston Craft Gallery 



    Selected recent projects, consultancies & collaborations

    2019        Residency and Commission for Libraries Live, a community libraries and arts                 project by Staffordshire County Council. Ran residency for community and                     volunteers in the library. Created two-art commission comprising large quilted                 book including participant-created artwork and an activity box and colouring book             for independent use. 

    2018-19     Consultant carrying out major research project on the development of Made in                Leicestershire brand and directory. Development and support of local networks for             Creative Leicestershire. 

    2018        Lead Artist & Residency on Criminal Quilts project. Research, public engagement and             exhibition project around Victorian women criminals with Staffordshire Record Office and         Wolverhampton University. Developed and delivered by me. Funded by Arts Council             through my own application. 

    2017         Consultant carrying out research, facilitation of networking events and report on the             business needs of artists for Creative Leicestershire. 



    Full time museum jobs

    2002–2005     Adult Education Officer, Victoria and Albert Museum, London. 

    1999–2002    Interpretation Officer, London Transport Museum.

    During my museum career I curated exhibitions, developed interpretation, wrote publications and online learning packages, managed major events, conferences and learning programmes. 




    1996         BA (Hons) Medieval Studies 2:1, University of Manchester.

    1997        MA Museum Studies, University of Leicester.