Cyanotype from a site drawing, Space for Peace, Winchester Cathedral

Richard Stillman
Yard and Metre Event, Winchester

As the marks resonated, did they sound true?
Could we tolerate margins of error or latitude?
Is there strength in that built by blue ink?
It is hard to see without certainty.

Why have they flown, gathered, shrouded?
Is the date significant? A memorial?
Or is it white noise reverberating,
striking parallels, refusing focus, insisting?

The shape of the cross is still distinct
but opening out, refusing definition,
never quite caught as an intention,
pinned on dimensions it wants to refuse.

When objects or atmospheres collide energy is transferred, a new force may be created. And, as forensic scientists can attest, when objects touch they exchange traces, each leaves something of itself with the other.
This is why artists enjoy collaborating. Working with another artist can give a jolt of inspiration, a spark of creative thinking, a surge of new skill, the stimulus for a new work. And the experience will leave its mark in some way on each individual’s practice.
The specific ‘collision’ may also result in a work which has its own integrity, which does not belong’ to either party and where their particular contributions merge indistinguishably - in effect fusion takes place.
This is the thinking behind 10 days | Creative Collisions and for The Yard artists and Hyde Writers it was the ideal excuse to come together, to let the shockwaves flow and see what new possibilities emerged. As with all the best creative practice, in science or in art, this has been an experiment, it involved risk, trust and open minds. Whether or not the outcomes are fully resolved they will be filled with potential - and with potency.
Stephen Boyce