So excited to have just been offered the opportunity to begin a residency at Gun Brewery which will give me a chance to develop my art in new and exciting directions, and do so in a totally different environment than anything I am used to!
Set in the heart of beautiful Sussex countryside, I will explore ideas around the brewery's new purpose built and architect designed building.
Not yet off the printed page, the building will offer a dynamic space for a small local business to operate in a rural setting and a space for local people to visit and see this light industry at work while enjoying a trip out and a Tap Room for social engagement.
The owner, the architect and the planners have needed to be highly sensitive to the environment in which it will be built and create an aesthetic which fits within the farming and rural community.
I am thrilled to be part of the this project as an artist who is interested in architecture and warehouses and work place buildings. I get the chance to influence design decisions and make work directly in response to the progress and development of the structure and how it will influence and change the environment around it.
Right now it is just a cleared space of mud!