Location: Clyde & Co 1, Stoke Road, Guildford, GU1 4HW

Invitation to the Private View of my current exhibition at Clyde & Co, in Guildford March 7th 6-8pm. Exhibition dates: 12/2 -5/5/2018 viewing by appointment only.

Does the idea of contemporary art in the workplace appeal?
Come and see the show, explore the concept and find out for yourself how people feel differently about their place of work and their day at work when surrounded by sculpture and artwork. I am introducing Thames Drawing 5 in this exhibition as a ‘plastic river’ responding to the now widely discussed fact that plastic litter discarded on land is carried by wind and rain into our drainage networks or rivers that then flow into the sea. Major rivers around the world carry an estimated 1.15-2.41 million tons of plastic into the sea every year. Thames Drawing 5, is a 2 meter linear sculpture made from Acrylic which is a 100% recyclable material with a high value. Part of the solution to the plastics problem is to find innovative re-uses of the material.